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Time: 15th, May, 2014

The buffer device and the advantages of hydraulic cylinder

The buffer device

In the hydraulic system with hydraulic cylinder to drive with a certain quality of the mechanism, when the hydraulic cylinder moves to the end of stroke with large kinetic energy, such as no reduction processing, hydraulic cylinder piston and cylinder head will occur mechanical impact, impact, noise, destructive. To mitigate and prevent the harm, so it can be provided with a speed reducing device or buffer device is arranged in the cylinder body in the hydraulic circuit.


Cylinder as the main components of the hydraulic cylinder, single pillar mining, hydraulic support, guns and other products, its processing quality directly affects the entire product life and reliability. Cylinder processing requirements are high, the surface roughness is Ra0.4 ~ 0.8µ m, strictly on the coaxality, wear resistance. The basic characteristics of the cylinder is the deep hole processing, the processing has been plagued by processing personnel. More technical consulting: Ningbo high tech Zone mirror Dr. Technology Co. Ltd. Zhou Gang by rolling process, because the surface layer of a surface residual compressive stress, contribute to the surface micro crack closure, prevents erosion expansion.

In order to improve the surface corrosion resistance, and can delay the generation of fatigue crack or expanded, thus improving the fatigue strength of cylinder. Through rolling, rolling surface to form a layer of cold hardening layer, reduces the grinding contact surface of the elastic and plastic deformation, thus improving wear resistance of cylinder wall, while avoiding the grinding burns caused by. After rolling, the surface roughness decreases, can improve the coordination properties.

Oil is the most important parts of construction machinery, the traditional processing methods are: broaching -- fine boring -- grinding cylinder cylinder cylinder. The rolling method is: broaching -- fine boring cylinder cylinder cylinder -- rolling, process is part of the 3, but the time comparison: grinding cylinder 1 meters around 1-2 days, the rolling cylinder 1 meters in about 10-30 minutes. In contrast: grinding or article mill (tens of millions --), rolling knife (1 kHz -- tens of thousands). After rolling, the hole surface roughness from a roll of Ra3.2 ~ 6.3um is reduced to Ra0.4 ~ 0.8&um, the hardness of the surface hole is increased about 30%, the surface fatigue strength of cylinder 25%. If we only take into account the service life of the oil cylinder cylinder, increase 2 ~ 3 times, boring rolling process is grinding efficiency is improved about 3 times. The above data shows, rolling process is efficient, can greatly improve the surface quality of the cylinder.

After tanks rolled, the surface edge is not sharp minor, friction in long time will not damage the seals or seal, this is particularly important in the hydraulic industry.


The metal workpiece during surface rolling processing, surface enhanced the ultimate strength and yield point increases, performance, the fatigue strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are improved significantly. After rolling, the hardness can be increased by 15 ~ 30%, and the wear resistance increased by 15%. Rolling process can make the surface roughness is increased from Ra6.3 to Ra2.4 to Ra0.2. And high production efficiency, some work can be done in a few minutes or seconds.

The key problem of rolling process to solve some technological method is not easy to achieve. For extra large cylinder block machining. At the same time, it is also applicable to specific hole finishing or some special material finishing.

The rolling process of wide application range, can be used in large, medium and small factories. No matter from the processing quality, production efficiency, production cost, rolling process is a relatively superior processing method. In some ways, it can completely replace grinding, grinding, honing, finishing.

According to the external force transmission to the processing method of the rolling tool can be classified as mechanical type, roller type and spring type three. According to the processing properties, can be divided into light finishing, strengthening processing of two kinds of.

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