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Time: 23th, May, 2014

What are the machine operation and maintenance of four column hydraulic

Operation and maintenance Safe operation

1.Hydraulic machine operators must be trained, grasp the equipment performance and operation technology, can work independently.

2.Before the operation, should first clean up debris on the mold, hydraulic rod clean any dirt.

3.Hydraulic machine installation mold must be carried out in the absence of power, no collision start button, handle and a foot on the pedal switch.

4.Installed under the mold, adjust the die gap, not allowed to unilateral off center, confirm again after fixing die pressure.

5.Hydraulic machine before the first boot device idle for 5 minutes, and check oil level is sufficient, the pump sound is normal, the hydraulic unit and piping, joints, whether there is leakage of piston. Shenzhen hydraulic machine TM series.

6.Start the equipment pressure test, check whether the pressure to the pressure of work, the equipment operation is normal and reliable, have no leakage phenomenon.

7.Adjust the pressure of work, but shall not exceed 90% of rated pressure equipment, pressure test of a workpiece, after passing inspection.

8.For the hydraulic machine profiles and according to the workpiece, pressing, correction, should adjust the machine to work pressure and pressure, pressure holding time, and ensure that no damage to the die and workpiece.

9.The pressure plate to slide up and down, it is strictly prohibited to hand and head into the working parts of die plate.

10.Is strictly prohibited in the pressure at the same time, the work of percussion, stretching, cutting, bending, twisting and other operations.

11.Hydraulic machine presses, welding, welding around the no smoking, no flammable, explosive articles. Fire prevention measures.

12.Hydraulic machine is completed, the power should be cut off, will press hydraulic rod wipe clean, good lubricating oil, will die, the workpiece is clean, tidy.


Common fault and maintenance method of four column hydraulic machine: often in the hydraulic transmission system, are some of the more sophisticated parts.

Influence of four column hydraulic machine

1.The oil due to dirt and metamorphism.


3.Into the air: solutions to some main precision parts cleaning and assembly system, shall be carried out in a very clean room, indoor have clean floor and the closed windows and doors, best to keep the temperature around 200C.

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