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Time: 10th, Apr, 2014

How to correct maintenance of control valve(一)

The normal operation of control valve should be carried out after the maintenance and maintenance. Regulating valve as part of automation control system, the maintenance shall be carried out at the same time and automation instrumentation and other equipment.

Maintenance and general instrument regulating valve is similar, can be divided into passive maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. Passive maintenance is a kind of maintenance method when the control valve and other equipment only when failure to maintain. Due to equipment failure before maintenance, thus often resulting in the production process of stopping, or even serious damage or casualties.

Passive maintenance is the production process do not want the maintenance, preventive maintenance is based on past operating experience, maintenance method for maintenance at the time. For example, commonly used in regular maintenance is preventive maintenance, which according to the operation of different devices to develop the corresponding maintenance schedule, the equipment has not failure to perform maintenance. Due to no fault on maintenance, therefore, can greatly reduce the failure probability. But this method does not maintain will analyses the current use of the regulating valve the actual situation, to dismantle and check valve used to also can use a certain period of time, a waste of time and resources. Predictive maintenance from the regulator in current use of data analysis, forecast the valve state, so as to maximize the use of control valve.

一.Control valve maintenance work content

Regulating valve circuit routine maintenance work is divided into two parts inspection and regular maintenance, inspection tour as follows.

1.To understand the shift process operator valve operation.

2.Check the control valve and related accessories supply of energy.

3.Operation check the hydraulic oil system.

4.Check valve of the static, dynamic seal without leakage.

5.Check valve connecting pipes and joints have no loose or corrosion.

6.Check valve with no abnormal sound and vibration, check the supply situation.

7.Check valve action is flexible, whether the change in control signal changes in a timely manner.

8.Listen to the spool, valve seat with or without abnormal vibration or noise.

9.Found problems in a timely manner to deal with.

10.Make tour inspection records, and file.

Regular maintenance work as follows:

1.Regular cleaning of regulating valve outside.

2.Regular adjustment of the valve packing and other sealing parts, sealing parts replaced as necessary, to keep the static, dynamic sealing point of the seal.

3.Regular add lubricating oil lubrication of parts needed to.

4.Regular sewage and clean air or hydraulic filtering system.

5.Regularly check the connection, the connection point corrosion, when necessary, replace the connector.

二.Regular check valve

Regulating valve predictive maintenance work units have not yet carried out, should conduct regular check valve. Regularly check the work is preventive maintenance work.

According to the different production process, regular check valve should be different calibration cycle. To determine the cycle of regular check valve can be combined with information provided by the manufacturer. At the same time can usually be overhauled in the process of the production process. Some applications in high-pressure regulating valve, pressure drop or corrosive occasions, the inspection cycle to shorten.

The inspection focused on the static control valve performance testing, if necessary, increase the appropriate test items, such as regulating valve flow characteristics test etc.. Periodic calibration needed for testing equipment and instruments, also need to have replacement parts, therefore, the manufacturer can usually be commissioned to complete.

三.Valve repair

Emergency repair valve repair points, regular and predictable repair repair. Emergency repair is the control valve fails, can not meet the requirements of the repair process. Regular repair usually includes daily repair and overhaul at the same time and Technology Park of repair. Foresight repair is based on the analysis of predictive maintenance, targeted parts of the relevant control valve repair. Emergency repair is failure after valve repair, regular repair and predictable repair is the failure of the valve before the repair. Usually, the daily repair valve repair personnel by the instrument, regular repair and overhaul at the same time of technical personnel by the manufacturer.

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