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Time: 31th, Mar, 2014

Introduction the function and structure of Check Valve

Function 1.DRVZ silent check valve 2.DRVG

Check valve (is able to automatically prevent fluid backflow valve. Check the valve flap to open under pressure in the fluid, fluid flows from the import side the export side. When the import side of the pressure is lower than the export side, automatically close to prevent fluid backflow valve flap in the fluid pressure, gravity and other factors.

Four types of check valve is generally divided into the lift, swing, butterfly and the horizontal.

Lift check valve structure generally similar to the cut-off valve, the valve flap along the channel centerline make lifting motion, reliable action, but the fluid resistance, suitable for small caliber occasions. Lift check valve can be divided into straight and vertical two. Straight through lift check valves can only be installed in horizontal pipeline, the vertical lift check valve is usually installed in a vertical pipe.

Rotary Kai check the valve to rotate around the shaft. The fluid resistance is generally less than the lift check valve, which applies to the larger diameter. Swing check valve according to the number of valve can be divided into single swing, double valve swing and multi valve swing three. Unicuspid swing check valve is generally applied to medium caliber occasions. Large diameter pipeline with single swing check valves, to reduce water hammer pressure, the best use can reduce the water hammer pressure relief valve closed. Double valve swing check valve for large diameter pipeline. Wafer double disc swing check valve structure is small, light weight, is a fast developing check valve; valve swing check valve for large diameter pipeline.

Butterfly type check valve structure similar to the butterfly valve. It has the advantages of simple structure, small flow resistance, water hammer pressure is also small.

resistance, water hammer pressure is also small. Diaphragm type check valve has a variety of forms, are used as a hoist pieces divide, water hammer due to its good performance, simple structure, low cost.

3.NRVR silent check valve 4.SFCV rubber valve check valve 5.DDCV double disc check valve

Check valve (Check Valve): Standard swing

Check valve flue check valve through flow type check valve wafer type check valve

Slow closing check valve vertical non-return valve DRVZ check valve price micro resistance slow closing check valve H76 type clamping type double valve swing check valve, water hammer pressure, the valve stroke is short, and a spring assisted closure, closing speed.

Flange type H44 single swing check valve, the valve stroke length, longer off time of H76 type water hammer pressure only type H44 1/2~1/5.

The ball type sewage check valve: body with full channel structure, has the advantages of small resistance, high flow. To do with ball valve, suitable for high viscosity, suspension of industrial and domestic sewage pipe network Valve: the valve and its role is to prevent the media back in the pipeline. Pump water off the bottom valve check valve also belongs to class.


Can be divided into the lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly valve three. Lift check valve can be divided into vertical and horizontal check valve check valve two. Swing check valve is divided into single type check valve, double disc check valve and multi valve check valve three. Butterfly valve for the straight through type check valve, non-return valve can be divided into more than three kinds of welding check valve is in threaded connection, flange connection check valve check valve and in the form of connection.

Check valve: nominal pressure or pressure level: PN1.0-16.0MPa, ANSI CLASS 150-900, JIS10-20K nominal diameter or diameter: DN15 ~ 900, NPS ~ 36 1/4 connection: flange, welding, threaded, socket welding, the clamp applicable temperature: -196 ˇć ~ 540 ˇć body material: WCB, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, CF8 (304), CF3 (304L), CF8M (316), CF3M (316L), Ti. Use of different materials, check valve: can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and other media.

Through the lift check valve should be installed in horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve and bottom valve is usually installed in a vertical pipe, and the bottom-up flow of media.

Swing check valve installation location restrictions, usually installed in horizontal pipeline, but can also be installed in vertical piping or tilt of the pipeline.

Install check valve: when, should pay special attention to the flow direction of medium, should make the direction of the arrow indicates the media normal flow direction and the valve body is consistent, otherwise you will cut off the normal flow medium. Valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction pipe.

Check valve: closed, will be produced in the pipeline water hammer pressure, will lead to serious damage to valves, piping or equipment, especially for big mouth pipe or high pressure pipeline, it should cause the check valve.

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