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Time: 26th, Mar, 2014

About the main difference and main characteristics of electromagnetic valve

The difference between the electric valve and solenoid valve:

The solenoid valve is a solenoid coil electricity generated magnetic attraction overcomes the spring pressure drives the valve core action, an electromagnetic coil, simple structure, cheap price, only to realize switch;

The electric valve is driven by a motor driven valve stem, valve core action, the electric control valve is divided (cut-off valve and valve). Shut off valve is the two type of work is fully open and fully closed, the regulating valve is installed electric valve positioner in above, adjusting to the valve dynamic through the closed-loop stability in a position. Comparative use of electric valve and solenoid valve:

Solenoid valve: for liquid and gas pipeline off control, is a two bit DO control. Generally used for small pipe control. Electric valve: for analog liquid, gas and air system of media in the pipeline flow control, AI control. In the control of large valve and air system can also use electric valve two position switch control.

Solenoid valve: can be used as switch, DO control, can only be used for small pipe control, and less common in DN50 pipeline.

Electric valve: AI can have a feedback signal, by DO or AO control, found in relatively large pipe and valve and so.


Driving through the solenoid valve coil, only on or off, switch the action time is short. Valve electric drive motor is generally used, on or off the action will take some time to complete simulation of the volume, and can do adjustments.

2.The nature of the work:

Solenoid valve flow coefficient is generally small, and the working pressure difference is small. For example, electromagnetic valve flow coefficient is generally 25 caliber than 15 caliber ball valve is much smaller. Solenoid valve driven by electromagnetic coil, voltage surge damaged more easily. Equivalent to the role switch, is the role of on and off 2.

Valve electric drive motor is generally used, to compare the impact of voltage. Solenoid valve is open and fast speed, usually used in small flow and small pressure to the switching frequency, local electric valve and vice versa. Electric valve opening can be controlled, the state has opened, closed, half open half closed, you can control the flow of media channels and the solenoid valve is not up to the requirements.

Solenoid valve can be reset general power, the electric valve need to add such features to reset device

3.Applicable process:

Solenoid valve is suitable to process some special requirements, such as leakage of fluid medium, such as special, more expensive prices.

Electric valves are generally used for regulation, but also switch, such as: fan coil end.

Main features 1.Must block leakage, easy to control leakage, the use of safety

Internal and external leakage is endangering the safety factor. Other automatic control valve will usually stem out from the electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuator control valve, rotate or move. This should solve the long-term action of external dynamic seal valve stem leakage problem; only the electromagnetic solenoid valve is sealed with a magnetic force on the electric control valve separated from the magnetic core within the casing to complete, there is no dynamic seal, so easy to block leakage. Electric torque control valve is not easy, prone to internal leakage, and even pull off the stem head; structure of the solenoid valve is easy to control leakage, until reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of special safety valve, especially for corrosive, toxic or high temperature media.

2.The system is simple, they take the computer, low price and modest

Solenoid valve itself is simple, the price is low, compared to other types of valve actuator is easy to install and maintain. More significant is the automatic control system consisting of much simpler, much lower price. As the solenoid valve is a switch signal control, and industrial computer connection is very convenient. Popular in today's computer, the era of decline in prices, the electromagnetic valve is even more obvious advantages.

3.Action express, power small, lightweight form factor

Solenoid valve response time can be as short as a few milliseconds, even if the pilot solenoid valve can be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Into the self loop, automatic control valves other than the more sensitive. A properly designed solenoid valve coil power consumption is very low, is energy-saving products; can be just the trigger action, automatically maintain valve position, usually is not power. Solenoid valve small size, saving space and light and beautiful.

4.Regulation accuracy is limited, for media is limited

Solenoid valve is usually only switch two states, the spool only in two extreme positions, not continuously adjustable, so the adjustment accuracy is also subject to certain restrictions.

Solenoid valve with higher requirements for medium cleanliness, including granular media can not be applied, the case must first filter out impurities. In addition, the viscous medium can not be applied, and, specific product for the medium viscosity range is relatively narrow.

5.Type variety, a wide range of uses

Although the solenoid valve be congenitally deficient, the advantages are still very prominent, so we designed a variety of products, meet different needs, extremely versatile. Solenoid valve technology advances are centered on how to overcome be congenitally deficient, how to better play to the inherent advantages and expand.

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