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Time: 14th, Mar, 2014

The Analysis on Application of balance valve(二)

一、Adjust the installation position pressure in the network diagram analysis and balance valve

The process of adjusting net is the process to achieve a reasonable flow of each branch of the balance valve. Close end funds with the pressure head is greater than the user pressure head required will inevitably lead to excessive flow. Must be consumed with the valve pressure head and pressure head required pressure head = capital pressure head wealthy), if the water supply pipe installation of balancing valve adjusting net, P3 is approximately equal to P4, P2 pressure line as shown in Figure three, almost parallel to the P4. If the user return water pipe installation of balancing valve adjusting net, P2 is approximately equal to P1, P3 pressure line almost parallel to the P1.

Indoor actual water pressure P2, backwater pressure P3. If the pressure is too low will lead to run empty, the pressure is too high result in a lower voltage level components (such as radiators) pressure failure. So much of the terrain elevation of pipe network should consider balancing valve is installed in accordance with the above factors. Office buildings in low-lying terrain that balance valve should be installed in the water, in order to ensure indoor no pressure; the higher terrain position balance valve should be installed in the return, to ensure that the user is not empty.

For the network of large direct, such as power plant steam heating network, heat supply network with large radius, supply and return water pressure, so the balance valve installation position should be specially considered. Yantai power plant steam supply pipe network outside the network for the return pressure 52 m water column, consider radiator pressure capability, terminal backwater pressure set at 0.35MPa (35 Mi Shuizhu), front backwater pressure only 0.1MPa (10 m water column), and the front water pressure up to 0.62MPa (62 m water column), if the balance valve installed in the return pipe on P3, the backwater pressure controlled users could be close to 0.6MPa, will cause the radiator pressure damage; if the balance valve installed in the water supply pipe, water supply pressure P2 proximal end users only tens of meters of water will lead to run empty. Therefore, the design should be taken from the supply and return water installation of balancing valve scheme, formation pressure diagram in figure four.

Specific approach is to account the water supply pipe installation self operated flow control valve, the terrain height difference does not exceed the balance valve manual installation branch backwater of 10 meters of buildings tube. Here the self operated flow control valve controls the distribution of flow; manually adjust the pressure balance valve, the valve before the pressure to achieve full water condition 0.25MPa. Operated flow control valve is only according to the flow size "blind" to control the pressure, if the return pipe installed, does not need manual adjustment pressure, there have been pressure damage accidents. Self valve installed in the water supply is not manually adjust the pressure, may be affected by running empty heating effect, an accident is not possible.

二.The concept of user active variable flow and heat source for the active variable flow

For the heating mode is a kind of average distribution of heating system under the traditional heating system, the heat flow pattern generally taken to be the quality of regulation mode of heating. There are a few large pipe network for the operation of electric energy saving, take the quality and tone mode. But in the premise of average generation heat, flow changes only depends on the outdoor temperature changes, so its control mode, only consider the outdoor temperature using a single parameter of heat circulation pump speed control, variable flow operation. The variable flow operation can be defined as the active variable flow heat source.

The operation mode of heat metering, heating load and the variation of circulating water flow depending on user demand, changes in total circulation flow rate depends on the user, the variable flow system can be defined as the flow of active variable user.

Some insiders suggested indoor system metering charges across the tube system using level, in an attempt to use the operation flow, this estimate and irrespective of the level crossing whether can realize flow operation, a single constant flow operation mode of operation of electric energy wasted this one should be abolished.

The measurement of charge flow control scheme, the optimal feasible solution to the following scheme: take 3 - 5 for the return pressure signal the end of thermal cycling traffic control signal, when all the pressure is greater than the set value signal cycle reduce the speed of the pump, when the pressure is less than set an arbitrary value, the circulating pump to increase speed.

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