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Time: 13th, Mar, 2014

The Analysis on Application of balance valve(一)

一.The balance valve

Balancing valve should be understood correctly balance the use of hydraulic valve condition. From this idea of all the conditions for the balance of hydraulic valves such as valves, pressure reducing valve, self operated flow control valve, self operated pressure control valve should be used as hydraulic valve condition balance -- the balance valve. Static balance valve is a manual control valve or manual balancing valve. Dynamic balance valve is operated flow control valve, self operated pressure control valve. Self operated flow control valve is also called a self operated flow control, self balancing valve. Self operated pressure control valve for the Automotic Balamce Valve automatic balancing valve in northern Europe.

二.Hydraulic and hydraulic balance

Air conditioning heating pipe network are network closed loop, the hydraulic system condition is the pressure point, the pipe flow, pressure difference. By the formula △ P=SG2 △ P -- differential pressure or resistance loss S -- resistance coefficient of pipe or system G -- pipe or the flow of the system

Flow and pressure parameters, control flow and pressure are the means and ends. Decompression means is to reduce the flow of the upstream pipeline; reduced flow will also consider reducing the pipeline before the point of pressure or increasing the pipe pressure. Changes in the flow changes will inevitably lead to pressure; S values of the same system, will inevitably cause changes in pressure in the flow changes. Therefore said the flow control valve is not a does not affect the pressure, there is no one does not affect the flow control valve pressure.

Hydraulic equilibrium condition is a reasonable distribution of flow management. In the heating and air conditioning pipe network, water is the heat carrier medium, the rational distribution of water flow is the basis of thermodynamic equilibrium conditions. The heating system as an example, the designer in the calculation of hydraulic conditions in the various branches of flow design value of the imaginary circumstances of. Flow into the pipe and the highest limit, designed to achieve water balance is almost impossible. This is bound to the proximal drag coefficient can not meet the design ideal, the formation of the proximal flow excessive, disorder of inadequate distal flow.

Because the hydraulic design into a design pressure diagram, but the actual operation of the pressure diagram must be formed by the balance adjustment valve. Hydraulic condition with the valve adjustment process is a reasonable pressure diagram of the process, under the condition of reasonable design, the two pressure diagram will converge very well.

Because the hydraulic condition is the intersection curve pump and outer characteristic curve form. The external characteristic curve of △ P=SG2, due to proximal parallel branch S values are lower than the design value, resulting in the total value of S is far less than the design value, the pump operation in a small head and large flow conditions, the water pump in the shaft power, low operation efficiency.

Emergence of shaft power greater than the motor nameplate power may be serious, motor with rated current, until the burning motor accidents.

The process of adjusting net is to use the balance valve increased proximal resistance, so that the proximal branch S value increases to the design value, the total S value increases to the design value. Uniform flow distribution to a reasonable distance, circulating water pumps run at design conditions, to heat saving, electricity saving, improving the heating quality objective.

Running Gang workers often have misconceptions formed on some hydraulic imbalance:

(1).Insufficient water pump, the pump head is less than the actual head plate, leading to resign at the end not to water.

Is actually due to proximal extension resistance, large flow, resulting in the distal small flow, the pump operating point offset in low efficiency, small head, large flow rate operating point.

(2).The boiler or heat exchanger resistance, all the boiler or heat exchanger manufacturers nominal resistance are much smaller than the actual resistance.

Actually increase the total water cycle will inevitably lead to address the resistance to increase the boiler heat exchanger. 40% of the water flow rate increases, the resistance increased by 100%.

(3).The output of boiler, in fact after flow increase supply and return water temperature difference can not be greater. Of course, coal and wind system is not normal boiler output may also cause problems.

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