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Time: 7th, Mar, 2014

The main principle of balance valve

Balancing valve in the hydraulic conditions, play a dynamic, static balance valve. Balancing valve can be divided into three types: static balance valve, dynamic balancing valve and pressure difference unrelated type balance valve.

Static balancing valve, balance valve, manual balancing valve, digital lock balance valve, double regulating valve, it is through the change the valve core and valve seat of the gap (opening), adjust the valve (Kv valve flow capacity) to change the flow resistance through the valve to achieve the purpose of regulating traffic, the role of the object is a system resistance, resistance to eliminate system imbalance, which can balance allocation will be new content according to the design calculation, while the slip sliding scale. In the application of the static balance valve in the system: duct, pipe, pipe and end use, the effect is equivalent to the same way.

Dynamic balance valve is divided into dynamic flow balance valve, dynamic pressure balance valve.

Dynamic flow balancing valve is according to the system conditions (pressure) changes and automatically change the drag coefficient, at a certain pressure range, can effectively control the flow through maintaining a constant value, namely when the valve before and after the pressure increases, the valve automatically shut off the small movements can keep flow does not increase, conversely, when the pressure decreases, the valve automatically open, still according to maintain a constant flow, however, when the normal scope of work pressure is less than or greater than the valve, it can not provide additional pressure, then the valve to fully open or fully closed position traffic still than the set flow low or high cannot control.

The host export usually dynamic flow balance valve used in variable flow system or applied to a primary side fixed frequency. Dynamic pressure balance valve, also known as self operated pressure control valve, pressure controller, pressure variable synchronizer, differential pressure balance valve, it's opening with pressure to adjust the valve, the valve pressure drop changes change to compensate for the pipeline resistance, which can keep the pressure constant changes in working conditions when, it is the principle of flow rate in a certain range, can effectively control system of constant pressure difference, namely when the system pressure increases, the automatic closing valve action, it can ensure that the controlled system pressure increasing on the contrary, when the pressure difference decreases, valve automatically open, pressure difference remained constant.

Their own self pressure control valve, the control valve plug is automatically closed, pressure across the valve exceeds the preset value, the valve plug is automatically open and automatically adjust the opening degree of the sensing film under the action of, keep the pressure difference across the valve relatively constant. Dynamic pressure balance valve is usually associated with supporting the use of the static balance valve, dynamic pressure balance valve can not be measured directly in the pipeline flow, static balance valve with the need to accurately test.

The main principle

Balancing valve is a kind of digital lock in the special features of the control valve, DC type valve structure, has better equal percentage flow characteristics, to reasonably distribute flow, effectively solve the heating (air conditioning) system of room temperature in the presence of inequality.

At the same time can accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow, to improve the flow state of liquid pipeline system, achieve the pipeline fluid balance and save the sources of the. Opening instructions, opening and locking device for the determination of small valve pressure flow valve is arranged, as long as the appropriate specifications in each branch and the user entrance installed on the balance valve, and intelligent instrument with a one-time special debugging after the lock, the system controls the total amount of water in a reasonable range, thus overcoming the "big flow, the unreasonable phenomenon of small temperature difference".

Balancing valve can be installed in the water supply pipe, can be installed in the return pipe, usually installed in the return pipe, especially for high temperature loop, convenient debugging, more should be installed in the return pipe, the installation of the balance valve for (to) water pipes do not have to set the cut-off valve.

Installation of balancing valve in the pipe system, the control to change the system characteristics of pipeline resistance ratio, to comply with the design requirements. System debugging after passing, does not exist the problem of static hydraulic imbalance.

Debugging qualified systems such as in part load operating condition, the adjustment in the total flow is reduced by the balance valve of each branch pipeline will automatically decrease compared to the same period flow, but the flow ratio of each branch pipe set.

Combined superheated steam trap valve cavity two isolation, two stainless steel tubes connected by the upper and lower valve chamber, which is composed of a floating ball type and inverted bucket trap, the valve structure is advanced and reasonable, in the overheated high-voltage, working conditions, low load conditions, to timely discharge condensate. The formation of hot steam disappears, effectively prevent leakage of superheated steam, high quality work. The maximum allowable temperature is 600 , body is stainless steel, the seat is made of hard alloy steel, long service life, is an exclusive steam traps, obtained two national patents, to fill the domestic blank.

When the condensation of water into the valve cavity, the Deputy valve float with the level rises, float steam into pore closure. Condensate increased by the water conduit to the main valve cavity, inverted bucket by weight to fall, driven to open the main valve heart valve, discharge condensate. When vice valve chamber condensate level falls, the float with the liquid level, the Deputy valve open. Steam into the steam pipe from the main valve chamber of the bucket, the bucket upward buoyancy, inverted bucket drives the valve core to close the main valve. When vice valve cavity and then the condensation of water level rise, the next cycle began, intermittent drainage.

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