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Time: 11th, Apr, 2014

How to correct maintenance of control valve()

regulating valve daily inspection and maintenance work include the following contents:

1.Eliminate stress. Improper installation or a combination of various stress. For example, high temperature thermal stress media, installation tight. Stress and other solid power imbalance. Imbalance in the role of stress in the control valve, so that the valve stem, driven deformation, can not correctly and valve seat leakage on, such as variation increases. Therefore, in the daily repair should eliminate stress repair work.

2.Remove rust and dirt. Often check valve connection pipe welding slag, no rust, dirt, should be promptly removed after the discovery. Because these contaminants can cause the valve core and valve seat wear, affecting the normal operation of valve. Usually, can be installed in the control valve before the filter and other filtering devices, and regular cleaning.

3.Check valve support. Valve support of all components of the valve is not subject to gravity location. If you support the wrong cause valve stem and the seat can not, so that variation increases, the sealing performance. Therefore, check valve support is appropriate.

4.Clear air, hydraulic oil supply energy to the dirt. Gas source, hydraulic control valve operation source is a source of energy. Compression impurities contained air, hydraulic oil will plug the orifice and pipe instrument, resulting in failure. Therefore, regularly check the gas source, hydraulic oil, filters for sewage on a regular basis is very important.

5.Gear transmission device inspection. Electric actuators and hydraulic opponents wheel mechanism, actuators gears should be checked regularly, add lubricant to prevent the bite card phenomenon. Check the brake and limiting devices are flexible and easy to use.

6.Packing inspection. Should wear inspection of packing and the pressing force, regular replacement of stuffing, packing can play to ensure that the seal at the same time, reduce the impact of its mouth to the friction. The stuffing box without oil lubrication should not add lubricating oil.

7.The safe operation of the check. Check the safety operation of the control valve and related accessories such as dangerous places in the explosive used, closures are tightened, the barrier operation, such as power supply, control valves and related accessories to safe operation.

8.Transportation and storage. Valve during transport and storage, application specific brackets, to prevent loosening; installed in the annex on the control valve, such as valve positioners, hand wheel institutions should be strong, should prevent the feedback control valve connecting rod and other components damaged by external force; the connection interface of plastic film cover, to prevent foreign matter; regulating valve the connector and the blind can seal supporting flange, also can use sticky paper seal, to prevent foreign material intrusion. Transportation should install a solid wooden box, impact and take the sandstorm, rain and dust and other harsh environmental conditions of transport. The environmental conditions of transport and storage should meet the product specification requirements.

).The main content of the control valve and accessories daily repair:

1.The pneumatic actuator diaphragm replacement. Pneumatic membrane actuator diaphragm is telescopic, during operation, therefore, prone to fatigue damage. The replacement should be used with the specifications of rubber diaphragm, solid tight even when the force the diaphragm, prevent leakage and crush the diaphragm.

2.Grinding. Between the spool and the valve seat leakage caused by running after a certain time, cylinder between the piston and the cylinder can also cause an internal leak, then should be grinding. Can be hand grinding, grinding, coating process and insert sets and other methods, of diamond abrasive grain size should be appropriate, grinding force should be uniform and appropriate. After grinding, polishing should be carried out, and meet the required smoothness and precision meet the requirements, the valve core and valve seat on the requirements, the assembly must be sealed after the test.

3.Replace the stuffing.. Replace the stuffing should be used for stuffing the same type, should be careful to fill and tick the correct replacement, removal of fill, to prevent damage to the valve stem. Installation of new packing should be in accordance with the specification requirements, the incision should be staggered, to prevent the valve stem threads of filler scratches, fill the pressing force should be uniform and appropriate, to avoid creating stress and increase the friction.

4.The replacement of transmission parts. Regulating valve in the transmission parts and accessories worn if some parts can be replaced, repaired. In the replacement and repair should be flexible to ensure that transmission, the transmission gap as small as possible.

5.Cleaning pneumatic amplifier. Because of instrument compressed air inside the dirt caused by pneumatic amplifier orifice clogged orifice should be cleaned, can be used for dredging and cleaning steel wire. Back to the loading, the amplifier should force uniform patch.

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