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Time: 9th, Jan, 2014

Introduced and product superiority the chain of welding machine

The chain of welding machine is widely used for welding equipment longitudinal rebar connection and prestressed reinforcement and screw rod ends. Principle of reinforced flash butt welding is the use of welding on both ends of the reinforced contact, through the high current low voltage, the steel is heated to a certain temperature soft, axial upset formation, on the formation of welding head.

Flash butt welding of reinforcing technology commonly used continuous flash welding, preheating flash butt welding and flash and preheating flash butt welding. The reinforcing bar of grade sometimes after welding heat treatment also.

The chain through the instant high voltage and high current of welding machine, the two contact metal contact surface melted and fused. Achieve the welding 2 pieces of metal to the objective of professional equipment. Chain of flash butt welding machine is the use of flash butt welding, suitable for welding of high strength cement mining round link chain, chain, marine anchor chain, hoisting chain, terminal chain, tyre protection chain and decoration chain special welding equipment.

Product advantage

1.Energy saving. The radiator of flash butt welding machine is used in resistance welding transformer two 125KVA as the power source, pneumatic pressing, forging, no hydraulic station. Compared with the single-phase AC resistance welding transformer other with two 315KVA and two 18KVA hydraulic station power for welding machine, UN-250AB welding machine can save up to 78 percent.

2.The power requirements low. Grid can only 250KVA content.

3.High precision of welding. By using the programmable controller PLC and imported stepper motor to control the flash process, can be accurately set burnt and flashing speed; to control the welding current through the microcomputer controller for resistance spot welding. Welding head center distance error can be controlled within 0.2mm, facilitate the subsequent group sheet welding.

4.The automatic alignment function. Ensure the pipe ends and the two head end consistent spacing before welding, so as to ensure the consistent are burnt.

5.High welding efficiency. Due to the workpiece clamping adopts the double power cylinder, the reaction rate was faster than the hydraulic cylinder.

6.Operation and repair services convenient. Because there is no hydraulic station, less product debugging, fault, no oil leakage phenomenon.

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