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Time: 10th, Jan, 2014

The characteristics of function and structure characteristics of Automatic welding machine

Characteristics and functions

1.The ultrasonic medical filter welding machine is a highly automated machine, divided into filter paper cutting and filter welding two parts, two processes at the same time: filter paper feeding, cutting, feed back by the machine automation, high accuracy, less filter loss, cost savings both the upper and lower cover; automatic feeding, mechanical hand pick and place, rotary ultrasonic automatic welding, automatic material, labor saving at the same time, greatly improving the production efficiency, to create more benefits for enterprises;

2.Rotary ultrasonic automatic welding. The same vibration friction welding and traditional melting welding, ultrasonic welding has the following features: fast, welding usually finish cleaning in a second, because without the use of flux, the risk of contamination is reduced greatly, thus improve the quality of products; - eliminating the generated due to the use of flux cost, low rejection rate, and the repeated processing; - equipment suitable for mass production and automation production environment of ultrasonic welding;

3.This machine of ultrasonic system, electrical configuration and control parts are made of imported parts, and is controlled by the servo motor, the machine running precision and stability;

4.Mitsubishi PLC program control, simple operation and convenient;

5.The mechanism adopts aluminum alloy profile, solid appearance.

Automatic welding machine system structure 1.Mechanical device

Spot welding system composed of a mechanical device, power supply device, control device of three parts. In order to meet the requirement of the welding process, the pressurizing mechanism (holder) adopts a double stroke rapid pressure transmission mechanism, by switching the stroke control handle to change welding tongs opening degree, can be divided into large and small from meet the welding operation requirements.

Usually the state for welding short stroke open, when the control button to switch to the "power" position, pull the handle switch clamp clamping pressure, at the same time current completed a restoration to the short stroke welding cycle after open state under the control of the control system.

2.Power supply device

The main electric circuit consists of a resistance welding transformer, thyristor unit, main power switch, the welding loop. At present, we use the welding equipment is a single-phase AC resistance welding power 200kVA, secondary output voltage 20V.

As a result of a variety of models of production lines, electrode holder welding of high strength steel and low carbon steel plate, welding gun arm to transfer large mechanical and welding current, welding strength, stiffness, therefore, heating to meet certain requirements, and must have good electrical and thermal conductivity, and holder adopts water cooling, the new holder so selection of welding electrode arm can bear 400kg pressure.

3.The control device

Control device mainly provides the signal control resistance welding machine action switches on and off the welding current, welding current control, fault monitoring and treatment.

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