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Time: 7th, Jan, 2014

Characteristics and technical parameters of the Speed chain


1.The chain line is to chain as traction and bearing body for conveying materials, the chain can be a bush roller ordinary conveyor chain, also can use other kinds of special chain;

2.The conveying capacity, can bear large load;

3.Conveyor speed is accurate and stable, can guarantee the precise synchronous transmission;

4.It is easy to realize product on the conveyor, used for assembly line or as a material storage and transportation;

5.Is available in a variety of harsh environment (high temperature, dust) work, reliable performance;

(1).Using specially designed aluminum production, easy to install;

(2).The structure of beautiful, practical and low noise;

(3).Multiple functions, high degree of automation.

Technical parameters

Line width: 250-900mm, can be selected by the customer line height: 750mm, 500-1000mm.

The line length: single segment drive the longest 30-40m, selected by the customer delivery speed of:2-20 M / min.

Chain: chain and roller transfer constant double pitch roller chain, the chain and the roller conveyor speed difference - differential chain (2.5 speed and 3 speed two)

Tooling plate type: steel, engineering plastic board, board etc.

Frame material: aluminum, carbon steel.

Charged: line arranged in conductive wheel, working plate is provided with a conductive row, can realize the charged transfer, has completed the testing function.

Power supply: 220V single-phase or three-phase 380V 50Hz.

Scope of application

Gravity conveyor system is widely used in various electronic and electrical appliances, electrical and mechanical industries in the production line. Speed chain assembly line the most commonly used in industry: computer display production line, the host computer of notebook computer production line, assembly line production line, air conditioning, TV, microwave oven assembly line, assembly line, assembly line printer fax machine assembly line, audio amplifier, engine assembly line production line.

Matters needing attention

1.The production line in the course of normal use, due to normal wear or accident, various kinds of abnormal phenomena and the production line in operation process, must stop using immediately, timely repair, in order to avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

2.Non professional repair personnel or without professional repair personnel allowed, not self repair.

3.When the repair circuit, when necessary, may request the production line for assigned personnel waiting in the electric box, to prevent others to open the production line, at the same time to put up warning signs. At the same time, we must turn off the power before repair, can not be charged operation.

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