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Time: 3th, Jan, 2014

The characteristics and operation of chain plate production line description


Chain plate production line has been widely used in the industrial production, mainly because of its characteristics:

1.High transmission efficiency, machine, material in the chain conveyor is the overall flow, so the machine groove less space can transport large amounts of material, the size of the equipment are correspondingly smaller.

2.Energy consumption is low, the machine by means of friction material conveying, transporting chain and the casing without friction motion. The transportation distance conditions in the same conveying capacity and longer, the machine electricity consumption about 40% lower than the screw conveyor.

3.The failure rate is low, conveying roller chain rolling on the rail, conveying chain and the casing without friction. Chain using alloy steel heat treatment process is made, the normal service life of 3 years in operation, low failure rate. In addition to head and tail bearing outer, no lubrication point conveyor.

Description of the operation (һ), matters needing attention before commissioning:

1.All the connecting bolts should be tightened.

2.The equipment should be no sundries.

3.Lubricating oil, of the moving parts inside the reducer nozzle, according to the manual filling of lubricating oil.

4.Electrical wiring should be to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

(), when debugging matters needing attention:

1.The system to conduct a comprehensive inspection confirmation, equipment for no-load debugging, the fault all removed, and then 10 - 20 hours of no-load running test, and finally to load test vehicle.

2.The chain wheel, tail wheel gear and a traction chain, whether working in normal meshing condition. If the difference is very big, can bearing bolt screw drive sprocket, passive sprocket, the position of the center line slightly adjusting drive sprocket, passive sprocket.

3.Adjusting the tensioning device, so that the two traction chain tension balance and moderation, initial tension is too large, then increasing power consumption; over an hour, will influence the sprocket wheel and a traction chain normal engagement, increase operation instability.

4.Roller check all the walking, whether the rotating flexible. If the rail and the sliding phenomenon, should be replaced immediately or troubleshooting.

5.In the operation, the motion components such as mechanical friction phenomena such as blocking and mandatory, should remove immediately.

(), after debugging operation matters needing attention:

1.The operation should be sought to uniform feeding, feeding the maximum block size should be controlled within the specified scope.

2.Do not stop and start when it is full, can not be reversed.

3.Should regularly check the tank bottom plate and screw chain plate connections, found loose phenomenon, should be promptly dealt with.

4.Traction chain should be applied to the degree of tightness, should frequently check operation, when necessary, the adjusting screw adjusting tensioning device.

5.Speed reducer in running 7 - 14 days later to be replaced with new oil, then according to the situation of 3 - 6 months to replace a.

6.All lubricating points should be injected lubricant.

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