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Time: 18th, Dec, 2013

The Fault diagnosis of Disc Brake

The reason the barometer pressure rises slowly with

1.Pipeline leakage.

2.Pump doesn't work properly;

3.One-way valve corrosion, seizure;

4.The oil-water separator oil drain bolt is not closed or pressure regulating valve leakage.

This problem, solve can use these methods: should eliminate the pipeline leaks, and then check the pump working condition. The pump outlet tube removed, with the thumb pressing outlet, if the exhaust pressure is low, the air pump failure. If the pump working in good condition, and then check the oil and water separator drain plug or a pressure regulating valve, avoid bypass, through the examination to exclude the fault. Finally, check the two one-way valve three through joint, one-way valve block will cause the cylinder can not intake or intake slowly.

The braking force is weak, the reason is not always:

1.Brake oil;

2.The air brake oil circuit;

3.Hub oil seal failure, oil caliper disc;

4.Brake wear, friction loss;

5.Gas pressure adjustment is too low.


1.Change the brake pad material Can be replaced by a slightly soft brake lining material, friction coefficient is relatively improved, the braking force becomes larger.

2.Remove the brake lining body block flutes in If the brake lining chip groove was foreign body cover, brake will lose discharge dust, scrape off the water, so that the reduction in the braking force.

After braking deviation

The direct reason is the deviation of the braking torque of the wheel on both sides caused by unequal, common cause failures:

1.The brake caliper disc oil serious friction system, number of serious decline, resulting in brake torque imbalance, you should remove oil brake caliper disc;

2.Pump piston seizure can't work. Vehicle brake, to observe the pump working condition, the condition overhaul. Brake hairpin

Fault phenomenon: Loader started walking difficult, parking after touch the caliper disc, clamp plate fever. The main reason:

1.Friction disc parking after touch the clamp plate, caliper disc fever. The main reason:

2.Friction wear thin, dustproof ring damaged water corrosion, piston seizure;

3.The reset spring force pump in the weak or broken, high pressure oil can not flow.

Booster pump spray brake fluid. Fault phenomenon: step on the brake, the oil mist sprayed.

The causes of:

1.Brake lamp switch is damaged, the high-pressure oil is ejected from the switch interface, the switch can be solved.

2.Booster pump piston rod length is too large.

This situation may change in the new booster pump assembly, the reason is: the piston rod adjustment is too long, cause the booster pump work, the stroke of the piston is too large, the brake fluid from the drain hole reflow to the booster pump and jet. The installation should be measured to determine the working process of the piston, the piston rod length.

The brake fluid problems

Vegetable oil, brake fluid can not meet the requirements of the use of disc brake, synthetic brake fluid must therefore use the high boiling point. However, water absorption characteristics of synthetic brake fluid is. In some conditions, boiling down soon. In order to prevent the decrease of brake fluid boiling, usually by the following measures:

1.The brake fluid change regularly. The 3 summer months or running smarttags "/>5000km; winter 6 months or after 1000km, the brake fluid update.

2.The brake fluid with different properties are not interchangeable or mix.

3.kept closed brake fluid. To the brake fluid temperature limit increases, shall ensure that the piston can automatically return, to avoid corrosion, issuing the brake slipping or bite. When the brake pad wear too much, to the brake fluid heat will increase rapidly. Therefore, the brake should be promptly replaced wear a pad.

The problem of noiseM

When braking, if there is a "noise creak, creak", can use the following method to exclude:

1.Between the brake caliper pistons and the brake linings, plus a noise proof sheet, the formation of piston inclination. In order to ensure the brake pad and the brake disc flexible contact, so that the brake pad under normal wear condition without abnormal noise.

2.Choice of materials, soft brake density smaller lining material.

3.The brake, the brake pads move to the side, possible impact sound. This is because the brake lining gap between blocks and the clamp body caused by excessive, method used in a plating solder clearance. It should be noted, should make the solder plating on the side opposite the direction, to prevent failure in power system under the action of.

Front wheel bearing damage

Brake caliper body general assembly in the knuckle side, it can make the brake relatively reduce front wheel bearing load. However, some models of the clamp body is arranged in the shaft of the front, heavier front wheel bearings synthesis load, easy to cause the front wheel bearing early damage. Therefore, the structure of the wheel, should adjust and maintenance.


With the dial gauge measuring section of the brake disc runout error is greater than 0.06mm, the brake disc surface having a step and a groove wear obviously, can be processed to repair.

Check the wear of brake disc thickness limit is 8mm, thickness is less than the standard should be replaced with new parts.

Check the brake shoe friction plate thickness is less than 7mm (including the floor), replace the friction disk, must and left, right wheel must complete replacement (4 friction sheets, 4 spring sheets).

Check the brake clamp body, if there is oil leakage, should be replaced with the new piston ring.

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