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Time: 13th, Dec, 2013

The Selection and installation of triangle belt


1.Choose the type selection model should fit in with the triangular belt, otherwise the triangle belt in the pulley groove will appear abnormal situation.

2.The correct installation before installing, triangular belt, using the same method will be a set of triangular belt are mounted on.

3.Prevent channeling when fitting the pulley, two wheeled center must be aligned, otherwise it will create a triangle belt single work, serious wear and tear, reduce the triangle belt life.

4.Suitable elastic belt tightness should always check the adjustment, to make it meet the requirements. Triangle belt is too loose is not only easy to slip, also increase the triangle belt wear, even can not transfer power; too tight, will not only make the triangle belt stretching deformation, easy to damage, but also will cause the engine main bearings and clutch bearings because of excessive force, and accelerate the triangle belt wear.

Correct determination method is: by hand in each tape applied to central, vertical pressure of about 2 kg, subsidence is 20--30 millimeter advisable, is not appropriate to adjust.

5.New and old Mo mixed doubles or more than three triangle zone needs to be changed, you should use [1] the required type of triangle belt, and requested each belt tightness consistent.

6.To prevent contamination in use to prevent triangle belt oil and stained with mud, avoid contact with the acid, alkali and other corrosive substances, to prevent slipping and corrosion belt and early damage.

7.Daily maintenance machine and user in the normal driving to master correct gist of operation, in accordance with the requirements of the technical specification, avoid fierce starting and braking; also should prevent to often work overload; implement long-term disabled should remove the triangle belt stored separately


Before installation, if the shaft center distance is adjustable structure, should be the first center distance shortened, tape installed after the required to adjust the center distance;

If the shaft center distance is not adjustable, can be a triangle with the first set in the wheel groove to rotate, and then another pulley, the belt is installed, using the same method will be a set of triangular belt are mounted on the. Prohibit the use of tools, hard to pry pull hard on triangle belt installation, in case the triangle tape elongation or too loose or too tight phenomenon.

Correct determination method is: by hand in each tape applied to central, vertical pressure of about 2 kilograms, subsidence is (20--30) millimeter advisable, is not appropriate to adjust.

New and old Mo mixed double or more than three triangle tape needs to be changed, to the provisions of V-belt type, and each triangle belt tightness, no new mixed or reduce the root number, otherwise, the old and the new triangle belt uneven force, even the old triangle belt does not work, power transmission and influence shorten the triangle belt life.

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