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Time: 10th, Dec, 2013

The advantages and disadvantages of disc brake


Compared with the disc brake and drum brake, has the following advantages: no friction boosting effect, so the brake efficiency is affected by the friction coefficient is small, the performance is stable; after flooding efficiency less, and only the one or two brake can be restored to normal; the brake torque under the same size and quality, generally smaller; brake disc minimum amount along the thickness direction of the thermal expansion, not like the brake drum thermal expansion as the brake clearance significantly increase brake pedal travel is too large; and is easy to realize automatic gap adjustment, other maintenance operation is simple. For the disc brake, the brake disc exposed because there are cooling, the advantages of good. Disc brake deficiency is the low efficiency, the hydraulic brake system for the brake actuating pressure is higher, the general use of servo device.

Disc brake has been widely used in cars, but for all wheels in some high performance cars on the outside, mostly used in front wheel brake, and cooperates with the rear drum brake, in order to brake the vehicle has the higher the direction stability. In the van, disc brakes are used, but there is still a considerable distance spread.


Because the brake system is not sealed, so the brake wear fine cutting not to deposit on the brake disc brake, the centrifugal force can all the water, dust and other pollution thrown outwards, to maintain a clean. In addition, because the disc brake parts and on their own, than the drum brake is easy to repair.


Disc brakes in addition to the high cost, basically is better than drum brakes, but light on this point, become its fatal injury, people love money, unless you are very rich, or buy things basically is to first consider money, you say yes or no? The disc brake is called the disc brake, as the name suggests is taking its shape and name. It consists of hydraulic control, the main parts include brake disc, cylinder, brake caliper, tubing etc.

The brake disc is made by alloy steel and fixed on the wheel, the wheel rotation. Pump is fixed on the brake bottom plate fixed. Both sides of the two friction plates of the brake caliper are respectively arranged in the brake disc. Piston pump affected by the hydraulic pressure transmission to the tubing, push the friction plate to press the brake disc friction braking, act as if with a pair of pliers vise rotating plate, forcing it to stop. This kind of brake cooling fast, light weight, simple structure, convenient adjustment.

Especially when high load the performance is good, stable braking effect, but not afraid of mud invasion, driving in winter and bad road conditions, the disc brake is more easily in a short period of time to stop the car than drum brake. Some disc brake disc are many small holes, speed up ventilation to improve braking efficiency. The drum brake, because of the poor heat dissipation, gathered a lot of heat during braking. Brake shoe and the wheel drum is easy to have the extremely complex deformation at high temperature under the influence, easy to produce brake recession and vibrating phenomenon, causing the brake efficiency.

Of course, disc brake also has its own defects. Such as the manufacturing of brake and brake line requirements higher, the wastage of friction plates is big, expensive, and because the friction plate area is small, face relative friction is smaller, the hydraulic brake requires high, the vehicle can be must have the power device is used, so only can be suitable for light-duty vehicles. While the drum brake low cost, economic comparison.

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