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Time: 20th, Dec, 2013

The working principle of Hydraulic Brake

Working principle

The brake is composed of a magnetic yoke, excitation coil, spring, brake disc, an armature, a spline sleeve, mounting screws and other components, brake is mounted on a flange device (or motor) is extended; the transmission shaft and the spline sleeve and the brake disc coupling.

The excitation coil is connected with the rated voltage of the brake (DC), the electromagnetic force can attract the armature, the armature and brake disc detachment (release), then the drive shaft with the brake disc normal operation or to start, when the transmission system separation or power failure, brake also cut off, the spring presses the armature, friction torque between the force the brake disc and the armature and the flange, so that the transmission shaft fast stop. The brake thermal environment is poor, the transmission shaft is also a long time of continuous work, if conditions permit, may be in the brake work, maintain the voltage conversion for rated voltage of 70%-80%, to reduce the fever. 4 thousand Dai electromagnetic brake.

Chain tail electromagnetic brake

The mechanical movement in a mechanical stop or slow down. Commonly known as brake, brake. Thousand Dai electromagnetic brake by brake frame, braking and steering device. Automatic adjustment device of some electromagnetic brake with brake clearance. In order to reduce the braking torque and the size of the structure, the electromagnetic brake is usually installed in the high-speed shaft equipment, but for large equipment of high safety requirements (such as the mine hoist, elevator) should be installed near the equipment of low speed shaft. Some electromagnetic brake has been standardized and serialized, and by a professional factory manufacturing for the selection.

Thousand Dai electromagnetic brake is an ideal modern industrial automation equipment, main power transmission and motion control function in the mechanical transmission. Has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, quick response, long service life, reliable operation, easy to realize remote control.

It is mainly with the series motor. Widely used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, food, machine, stage, elevator, shipping, packaging machinery, and when the power is switched off (emergency) brake etc.

The moment of resistance which must be imposed to stop or decelerate machine parts called braking torque. The braking moment is design, selection of brake basis, its size is decided by the type and working machine. Friction material for brake (brake) directly affects the performance of the braking process, the main factors influencing the performance of the work for the temperature and rate of temperature rise. Friction material should have high and stable friction coefficient and excellent wear resistance. The friction material of metal and nonmetal two. The former is commonly used in cast iron, steel, bronze and powder metallurgy friction materials, the latter has leather, rubber, wood and asbestos.

Brake braking is realized using the electromagnetic effect, divided into magnetic powder brake and the electromagnetic eddy current brake, electromagnetic friction brake and other forms.The magnetic powder brake: magnetic field excitation coil is energized, the magnetic powder under the action of magnetic field, magnetization, magnetic particle chain formation, and polymerization in the magnetizer is fixed between the rotor and the braking is realized by magnetic particle, adhesion and friction. The excitation current vanishes when the powder is in free loose state, brake release.

The brake has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small excitation power, braking torque and rotational speed and independent, but will cause parts wear particle. It is suitable for automatic control, drive system is suitable for various kinds of machines. The electromagnetic eddy current brake: magnetic field excitation coil is energized. Brake shaft armature of rotary cutting magnetic field lines generated vortex. Eddy current and magnetic field of the armature in the interaction between the formation of braking torque. The electromagnetic eddy current brake durable, convenient repair, wide range of speed regulation; but low efficiency and low, Wen Shenggao, must take the cooling measures. The brake is commonly used in a vertical load machinery. The electromagnetic friction brake: excitation coil generates magnetic field, the magnetic yoke can attract the armature, an armature brake through the connecting piece.

In addition, subdivided into dry single plate electromagnetic brake dry-type multidisc electromagnetic brake wet multidisc electromagnetic brake etc.

And brake mode can be divided into electric braking and power-off brake.

Thousand Dai electromagnetic brake is a connector will convey the active side torsion to passive side, can according to need freedom, cut off or brake, due to the use of electromagnetic force to move, electromagnetic clutch, the brake, with fast response, the advantages of simple structure etc.

Thousand Dai electromagnetic brake function:

The electromagnetic brake is a device to stop in a very short period of time and block movement of the machine; the brakes may also be in the short term to reduce or adjust the speed of the machine.

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