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Time: 29th, Nov, 2013

Introduction of the balance booster brake

Balance booster brake

Prevention of the pursuit of balance brake, is the pursuit of vehicle brake wheel braking force is balanced and consistent. Both sides of the front wheel consistent;

To prevent deviation, two sides of the back wheel can prevent the body sideslip whipping uniform. Automobile brake on ice and snow road, the rain wet pavement, deflection and tail flick will cause different degrees of vehicle out of control, if the case of two cases at the same time, completely out of the normal road will also cause the vehicle brake. Heavy transport vehicle, once out of control, the consequences are more serious. Therefore; to avoid the occurrence of major traffic accidents, ensure the safety of people's life and property, automobile brake of heavy transport vehicles must be resolutely eliminated all "non equilibrium properties". Deflection of brake tail.

The brake force

The total system power = original power + since the force, in the balance of power brake work, to the new one which formed by the friction into mechanical force increment braking force, two kinds of combination of power, the total system power can be increased by 40%.

Fundamentally solve the problem of brake drum rupture

Brake drum rupture the wheel brake failure, relates to the traffic safety. General installation of balancing power brake vehicles are very amazing: brake drum a long plagued the rupture problem was finally resolved. Balance brake; can make the drum surface stress is uniform, the unit area pressure stress relief, reduces the thermal crack, the mechanical strength of the brake drum body is not easy to damage, fracture problems will be smoothly done or easily solved.

Friction can not afford to waste

The original car brake pads; maximum contact surface does not exceed 80%, and the degree of wear two shoes also inconsistent, to end the thinnest place after all the replacement. Look at the heavy scrap pieces of regrettable. The contact surface from first to last balance brake is 100%, and the degree of wear uniform, scrap pieces of equal thickness. According to the wear volume or weight, to wear off 1/3.

Maintenance of axle load

The brakes are installed on the axle housing, brake drum is mounted on the wheel core, core wheel mounted on the axle shaft tube through a bearing, this is the car axle. Balance brake axle driving mechanism eliminates the operation stress partial load and stress concentration, to maximize the maintenance of the axle bearing quality, cost-effective, time-saving save money.

After you upgrade a braking system of vehicles, the performance will be a big change, only in the brake drum and the friction plate, more than it more than 3 times the value of. In the process of long-term use, can save a lot of material costs and repair costs and a lot of time and energy. Modified a balancer increased investment, insufficient to buy half price of the brake drum, fully reflects the high ratio of performance to price, to reduce breakdown. The axle wheel core, bearing, axle shaft tube service life greatly.

Service brake

Brake (brakes), convenient parking deceleration in advance of the process, not only to make the car remained motionless. The parking brake is used if the brake failure. When the car stops, then use the parking brake (brake), to prevent the vehicle before and after. After parking the car in addition to the general use of the parking brake, the upstream slope parking will stall in a (to prevent rear), descending slope parking will stall in reverse (to prevent forward). Crane Industrial brakes with brake for crane is working device, and is a safety device, brake in hoisting mechanism, is to increase or decrease the goods smooth stop at the required height, or control the increase or decrease the speed, running or variable amplitude mechanism, can make the mechanism of stable brake stop at the needed position. Hydraulic braking stability, safety and reliability, convenient repair, low power consumption, long service life, no noise, high frequency.

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