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Time: 2th, Dec, 2013

Introduces the working principle of brake system (A)

The general principle of brake system is used, and the body (or frame) connected to the non rotating element and with the wheel (or shaft) mutual friction between the rotating element connected to stop the wheel rotation or rotation of the trend.

Hydraulic brake system can be a simple diagram to illustrate the working principle of braking system. A round face is within the working surface of the metal brake

The drum is fixed on the wheel hub, wheel rotates together with. In the brake plate fixed, two support pin, support the lower end of the two arc-shaped brake shoe. The outer circle surface of brake shoe with friction plate. Brake plate is also provided with a hydraulic brake wheel cylinder, oil 5 and hydraulic brake master cylinder mounted on the frame is connected.

The piston in the master cylinder 3 can be operated by the driver through the brake pedal mechanism. When the driver brake pedal pressure, so that the piston compression brake fluid, wheel cylinder piston under the action of hydraulic pressure brake shoe pressure to the brake drum, brake drum rotation speed to reduce, or remain stationary.

In the understanding of the braking system of a vehicle, you can often hear the "front disc and drum" or "front disc brake drum" these four words, so, what does it really mean? A reader asked about the automobile braking system by e-mail, such as the differences between the disc brake and drum brake, ventilated disc and solid disc difference etc.

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