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Time: 27th, Nov, 2013

Introduced of the Automobile transmission shaft


The power transmission shaft of automobile transmission shaft in two different axis even during the working process of the relative position of the changing room, fitting circular object connection or assembly all parts and can move or rotate, generally used light alloy steel pipe torsional resistance made. Automobile transmission shaft of the role is to make power transmission shafts on two different axes even in the process of changing the relative position.

The basic content

At present, the cross axle type rigid universal joint drive shaft in automobile transmission system in the most widely used. Another important part is sliding spline pair, from the inside, external spline, used to change the transfer length. Cardan shaft pendulum angle and sliding spline pair of maximum expansion, is based on the transmission of the arrangement of the whole car when the shaft runout check and determine the. The general case may also drive shaft tube, a hollow shaft pipe quality with smaller but can transfer large torque, and has the characteristics of critical speed higher than solid same diameter shaft.

Market risk

Risk is the possibility of losses caused by uncertain factors or benefit. In the market competition, many uncertainty factors, although each competitors are expected to achieve the expected goals, but not all successful, will have certain competitors defeated in the competition to competition, bear the loss. Parts industry in the automobile industry sub sectors drive shaft development through market competition, the risk involved in the competition will encounter a variety of, will and enterprise expected target does not match the situation, risk and loss. Therefore, investment transmission shaft of automobile industry, the market competition risk must be taken into account.

Raw material pressure risk

If the average purchase price of automobile transmission shaft [2] needed for the production of the main raw material fluctuates greatly, so the cost control on the transmission shaft production enterprise brings certain pressure; if the main raw material price fluctuations and the occurrence of drive shaft manufacturers and fails to take effective measures, will have an adverse impact on the transmission shaft of the business performance of enterprises. Thus, the transmission shaft of automobile parts industry investment in the main raw material, the main risk is the risk of pressure production enterprises can not be ignored.

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