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Time: 26th, Nov, 2013

The working principle and matters needing attention of hydraulic buffer

Hydraulic buffer

Hydraulic buffer depending on the hydraulic damping buffers the effect of the object on which the slow down to stop, have a certain protective effect on. Applicable to mechanical equipment lifting transport, metallurgy, port machinery, elevators, railway vehicle, its role is to prevent the hard collision safety buffer device is damaged in the process of.

1.The Principle

When the hydraulic buffer impact pressure, kinetic energy of the plug and accelerate the spring to the piston, which moves to the right. The original buffer cavity provided with a reset spring, push rod and oil. Oil piston extrusion working chamber, the reset spring is compressed, the annular gap between the oil from the piston and push rod extrusion out, into the oil storing cavity. In the piston begins to move, because of the larger annular gap between and the top rod, easy oil is extruded; in the piston continues to exercise, the annular gap becomes smaller, i.e. piston resistance increases, a top rod after stage,

The annular gap is difficult to tell, resistance is stable at the maximum value. Process buffer is compressed by the piston squeeze liquid work process. This process consumes a lot of energy, play a role of buffering. When the work is finished, the piston is reset spring is pushed to the original position, to complete a cycle of work.


(1).Hydraulic buffer should be installed horizontally impact is small not more than plus or minus 1 degrees.

(2).Ambient temperature of 22-80 degrees Celsius.

(2).Ambient temperature of 22-80 degrees Celsius.

(3).Prevents not inverted, to prevent the hydraulic oil spill.

(4).Stock is to be placed in the ventilation, humidity below eighty percent is appropriate.

(5).Pay attention to fire prevention, not in the fire.

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