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Time: 22th, Nov, 2013

Function and characteristics of the Car Spring Buffer Retainer

Automobile Spring

Automobile spring buffer (buffer) is a rubber products a high elasticity and high toughness, belonging to automobile fittings. For installation in the helical spring suspension system, play a major role in cushioning and shock absorber to protect, this function is a physical effect.

Buffer glue is the appearance of a circular opening, the next with a groove (used for accommodating the spiral spring), side with two, three or a plurality of holes. According to the standard specifications spring spacing, rubber buffer is divided into A+A, A, B, C, D, E, F seven kinds of standard models. In theory, these seven models can include global greatly part of helical spring suspension vehicle required.

Buffer glue also known as buffer, buffer, buffer block, rubber shock absorber, shock absorber rubber and so on, the most extensive and most correct name is "automobile spring rubber cushion".


Car bumper is through the use of hydraulic spring damping function, when the car suddenly collide, buffer has played a buffer role so as to reduce the damage degree of the two vehicles collided, improve the safety car with people. In general, for the new car, shock absorption buffer to make driving more comfortable role; and when the damping spring after a long time, often due to lack of flexibility and appear weak phenomenon, the response is not sensitive, easy to cause the accident.


1.The principle of high-grade car cushion, significantly improve the damping performance of the vehicle.

2.To reduce the damage from the shock absorber and aging and noise.

3.Can reduce the fatigue feeling after a long drive.

4.Effectively solve the shock absorber spring weakness, recovery performance of shock absorber.

5.The protection of dampers and suspension system, to avoid the leakage of oil seal damping core.

6.Improve the body of 3 - 5CM, restore the original height of car body.

7.Shorten the braking distance, delay the sheetmetal aging, improve the safety.

8.Sharp turns, mountain road, dirt road at low speed in the process of flutter prevention effect is good, eliminate more than 60% of the bumpy, increasing the driving comfort.

9.The test results can prolong the life of up to 2 times more than the shock absorber.

10.Installation is simple, do not loose any vehicle screw.

10.Installation is simple, do not loose any vehicle screw.

11.With wear-resistant, Hardy, impact resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, the service life is 2 - 3 years.

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