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Time: 20th, Nov, 2013

The Removing and installing of Rod End Joint Bearing

1.In the absence of or inability to use the local press, can be installed end rod joint bearing with assembly sleeve and a small hammer. Hammer should be evenly spread to the end rod joint bearing ferrule end face the entire circumference, so by the end of the assembly sleeve hammer should be made into spherical.

2.Installed capacity of joint bearing size and the end rod joint bearing needed and the interference fit is related to the size of the method, a large amount of surplus medium or large bearings commonly used hot charging. Hot charge before the joint bearing or detachable end rod joint bearing into the oil tank or heater special for uniform heating to 80-100 Deg. C, do not exceed 100 íŠ.

3.Hot charging joint bearings require skilled operation skill. When the joint bearing is removed from the heating oil tank or heater, should immediately with a clean cloth to wipe the joint bearing surface of the oil and attachments (careful not to use cotton), and then placed in front of the mating surfaces, in one operation, joint bearings to withstand the shaft shoulder. In the cooling process should always push, or with a small hammer through the assembly sleeve tapping joint bearing to close. Install the end rod joint bearing should be slightly rotating joint bearing, avoid installing collapse or stuck phenomenon.

4.End rod joint bearing outer ring and shell hole tightly fit can also put housing heating load after the joint bearing. Especially the joint bearing light metal material, in a tight fit in the process, may be due to the outer ring is pressed into the mating surface damage caused, in this case, should the end rod joint bearing heating.

Usually the rod end joint bearing repair to several varieties

Regular repair: in order to ensure the normal work of the host, application and experience design theory host requests and bearing, set a repair cycle, regular repair.

Fault repair: in the bearing failure, down to check and repair.

Warning: application of bearing fault diagnosis repair technology advanced, bearing on the use of state real-time monitoring, in the bearing failure of warning, stop repair.

Bearing in operation process, there must be sound, temperature and vibration phenomenon. Therefore, the bearing on the operation of the stop maintenance, can listen to, touch, and bearing fault diagnosis instrument used to detect abnormal changes of the bearing, according to change of state to determine the rod end joint bearing can be in normal working condition.

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