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Time: 18th, Nov, 2013

Components and properties of the ball bearing

The ball bearing is a rolling bearing, the middle spherical alloy steel ball is arranged in the inner ring and outer ring, a rolling way to reduce friction during power transmission and improve the transmission efficiency of mechanical power. Ball bearing can not bear a greater load, is common in light industry machinery. The ball bearing is also called the ball bearing.

Ball bearing components

Ball bearings mainly consists of four basic components: ball, inner ring, outer ring and the retainer. Ball bearing general industrial use to meet the AISI52100 standard, the ball and ring is usually made of high chromium steel, Rockwell hardness (Rockwell C- scale hardness) is about 61-65.

The performance of ball bearings

The retainer hardness compared with the ball and ring is low, the material of metal (such as: carbon steel, aluminum alloy) or non metal (such as: Tiefron, PTEF, polymer materials). Rolling bearing is bearing friction resistance is small, so the same speed, the friction temperature will be lower.

Ball bearings are generally used in low load mechanical transmission equipment. Because the ball bearing area is small, prone to mechanical injury is serious in the case of high-speed operation, so the mechanical drive heavy load often take a needle roller bearing in order to increase the bearing surface, improve the mechanical transmission efficiency and reduce mechanical injury.

Ball bearing changes the friction bearing, the rolling friction, this method is more effective to reduce the friction between bearing surfaces, effectively raising the fan bearing service life, thus to prolong the service life of the radiator. The disadvantage is that the process is more complex, resulting in the cost of upgrading, but also bring more noise.

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