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Time: 14th, Nov, 2013

The working principle of linear guide describes ( )

The fixing element linear guide system (Guide) the basic function as a bearing ring, mounting ball, is in the shape of "V" shape. Wrapped around the top of the guide bracket and two lateral. In order to work supporting parts of machine tools, a set of linear guide at least four bracket. To support the working parts of large, the number of stents can be more than four.

Moving parts of the machine, the steel ball in the bracket groove in circulation, the stent wear amount is allocated to each ball, thereby prolonging the service life of the linear guide rail. In order to eliminate the gap between the bracket and the guide rail, the pre load can improve the stability of the rail system, obtain the preload super size ball. Is installed between the guide and support. The ball diameter tolerance of 20 microns to 0.5 microns, increments, the steel ball screening classification, are respectively arranged to the rail, the pre load size, depends on the forces acting on the ball.

If the force acting on the steel ball is too large, subjected to pre load time is too long, resulting in enhanced support the resistance movement, there will be balance problem; in order to improve the sensitivity of the system, to reduce the resistance to motion, accordingly to reduce the preload, and to improve the motion accuracy and precision retentivity, require sufficient pre add a negative number, this is the two aspect of a contradiction

Work time is too long, the ball began to wear, role in the ball on the pre loading began to weaken, leading to reduce the motion precision of the machine tool parts. If you want to keep the initial accuracy, rail bracket must be replaced, or even replace guide. If a rail system has been pre load effect. Has lost the precision of the system, the only way is to replace the rolling element.

Design guide system, strive to have the largest area of contact between the fixed element and the moving element, which not only can improve the bearing capacity of system, and the system can withstand the impact of intermittent cutting or cutting of the force of gravity, spreading widely, expand capacity area. In order to achieve this, groove shape guide rail system has a variety of, is representative of the two, called a brother to type (Gothic), shaped like a half circle extending, contact points; another is in a circular arc shape, can also play the same role. No matter what kind of structure form, only one purpose, and strive to more of the rolling ball radius with the guide rail (fixed components).

Factor in determining system performance characteristics: how is rolling contact with the rail element, it is the key to the problem.

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