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Time: 12th, Nov, 2013

Structure and function of Tensioner


Tensioner is mainly composed of a fixed housing, Zhang Jinbi, round body, a torsion spring, rolling bearing and the spring sleeve and other components, can according to the degree of tightness belt different, automatically adjust the tension of the transmission system is stable, safe and reliable.

Tensioner is a damageable parts automotive parts, belt with a long time is easy to be extended, the tensioner can automatically adjust the tension of the belt, and a tensioner belt running smoothly, small noise, and can prevent slippage. Effect of tension wheel is used to adjust the timing belt tightness, generally with timing belt replaced together, so as to avoid any menace from the "rear". Other parts without the need to change, as long as the regular maintenance, but the oil must be frequently changes, the general driving over a distance of four thousand to five thousand km should change.


Effect of tension wheel is used to adjust the timing belt tightness. With timing belt together in any menace from the "rear", so as to avoid unnecessary. Other parts must be changed. As long as the regular maintenance on the line. The oil must be frequently changes, generally four thousand to five thousand km will be changed.

Tension wheel torque and resistance of the structure and the principle of

Tension wheel in the actual use of the process in order to maintain the proper belt tension force, avoid elongation, abrasion of the belt slip compensation and aging caused by belt, a certain torque needed. When the belt tensioner pulley is running, a moving belt may be aroused in the tensioning wheel vibration, can cause premature wear of belt and a tensioning wheel. Therefore, the tensioner added resistance mechanism.

But many parameters due to the impact of tightening wheel torque and drag, the effects of various parameters are not the same, so the relationship between the tensioner components and torque and drag is very complex. Torque changes directly affect the changes in resistance, but also is the main factor affecting the resistance, the main factors affecting the torque is the parameter of the torsion spring. Appropriate to reduce the torsion spring diameter, can improve the tensioner resistance value.

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