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Time: 8th, Nov, 2013

The working principle of linear guide describes ( һ )

Can be understood as a rolling guided by the ball between the rails of the slider with infinite scrolling loop , so that the load platform along the rail easily precision linear motion and sliding friction coefficient down to the usual traditional guided fiftieth , can easily achieve high positioning accuracy. Between the end of the slide rail system with unit design, linear guide rail exposed to both vertical and horizontal loads in all directions , patented return system and streamline the structure HIWIN linear guide rail design allows a more smooth and low noise movement.

Slider - the movement by a curve into a straight line. The new rail system so that the machine get fast feed rate, spindle speed is the same in the case of rapid traverse is linear guide features. Linear guide rail and plane , will have two basic components ; as a guide for a fixed element , the other is moving element . Since the standard linear guide parts for the machine manufacturer.

The only thing to do is just processing a flat mounting rail and calibrated parallel rails . Of course , in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine , the bed or column is essential scraping a small amount , and in most cases , the installation is relatively simple.

As for the hardened steel guide rails by grinding and placed on the mounting surface . Compared with the planar guide , linear guide cross section geometry , than flat rail complicated because of complex machining required on the guide grooves , in order to facilitate the movement of the sliding element , the shape and number of grooves , depending on the machine to complete the function. For example: a straight line to withstand both force and torque to withstand subversion rail system , with only a linear force to bear comparison guide . Are very different design.

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