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Time: 31th, Oct, 2013

The test of Automatic transmission

1.Check the automatic transmission oil level

The first driving a few minutes, to achieve the transmission of normal 50-80 temperatures, park the vehicle on a flat surface, remain idle, will shift rod hung in each position (to put on the brakes), finally hang into the P file, and then observe the automatic transmission oil dipstick logo, in the normal working temperature of oil should be in the range of HOT, if relatively low, indicating the need to add the same type of the transmission oil. If in cold state, the oil should be in the range of COOL, the high should be released some oil.

2.The quality of to check the automatic transmission oil

Oil should be clean no smell. If the oil is dark or brown, indicating the need for replacement; or long-term heavy load operation; if the oil burning taste, may be caused by the clutch or brake blackened.

3.Check the fuel supply system

In the test, the automatic transmission should also shift stable without impact, adhesion, in case of delay. If it is completely when the accelerator pedal is stepped, solar term door cannot open, the throttle opening does not meet the requirements, should check the throttle cable, or is the entire fuel system (oil) check.

4.Check the vehicle idle

Idle speed of vehicle will also affect the automatic transmission. If the idle bottom, from N to P, or to D, R, 2, 3, causes the vehicle vibration. If from N to P, appear engine flameout or brake parking flameout during driving, but also because of the idle speed is too low; or transmission valve, switch gear, speed sensor fault; if the idle speed is too high, from N to P will produce a shift shock, obviously is the performance of the automatic shift feel the rush forward movement.

5.Other fault inspection In running, if the upshift speed significantly higher than the specified value, may be the solar term door cable or position sensor adjustment inappropriate or damage fault. If the throttle is deep but the car speed is slow, the automatic transmission slip, is likely to be the transmission oil level is too low cause. If not upshift, no reverse gear, no overdrive phenomenon, are examples of the automatic transmission has a serious fault.

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