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Time: 5th, Nov, 2013

The working principle of the automatic transmission AT drive system

Compared with the manual file structure of AT transmission system, there is a great difference in the structure and use. The manual is mainly composed of a gear and shaft, the speed and torque by different gear combinations; while the AT transmission system is composed of hydraulic torque converter, gear and hydraulic control system components, through the hydraulic transmission and gear combination to achieve speed and torque.

Among them, the torque converter is the most characteristics of AT components, which is composed of a pump, turbine and guide wheel and other components, it directly into the engine power and torque transmission, at the same time, with the clutch function. Pump wheel and turbine is a combination of work, they seem relatively placed two fan, a fan blowing wind will bring another fan blades to rotate, the wind into kinetic energy transfer medium, if liquid instead of air into kinetic energy transfer medium, the pump wheel can drive the turbine to rotate through liquid, coupled with the wheel between the pump and the turbine wheel, through the reaction between the pump and the turbine wheel to realize the speed difference can realize variable speed and torque.

Since the torque converter automatic transmission torque range is not big enough, so in the later series rows of planetary gear to improve efficiency, hydraulic control system with engine working and to manipulate the planetary gear, so as to realize the automatic transmission torque. Auxiliary mechanism of automatic transmission can not meet the needs of a variety of driving, such as parking, back and forth, so also is equipped with the intervention device (namely manual lever), P (anchor), R (a), N (vacancy), D (forward position), also has a "2" and "1" additional gear in forward position, to the start or the slope of. Because of the variable region is divided into several sections in the transmission speed ratio, only the provisions of section is continuously, so AT is actually a kind of automatic transmission between step and stepless.

Hydraulic automatic transmission usually have two types: a driving hydraulic automatic transmission for front engined rear; another is the front engine front drive hydraulic automatic transmission. Hydraulic automatic transmission electronic control through the powertrain control module receives from a variety of automotive sensor signal input, according to the use condition of the vehicle to deal with these information to determine the operation conditions of hydraulic automatic transmission. According to these conditions, powertrain control module to the actuator directives, and to achieve the following functions: the upshift and downshift transmission; general by operating on the electronic shift solenoid valve on / off switch in two states; the electronic control pressure control solenoid valve to adjust the hydraulic pipeline; used in combination and separation time to control the solenoid valve torque converter clutch.

Automatic transmission is mainly the rise and drop control according to the accelerator pedal speed sensor, solar term door position sensor and the driver depresses the degree.

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