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Time: 29th, Oct, 2013

The difference between CVT and stepped transmission

Continuously variable transmission and has the distinction of class type is, its transmission ratio is not constant, but a series of continuous values, for example, from 3.455 to 0.85 has been changed.

CVT has the advantages of simple structure, smaller volume than traditional transmission, many gears it is neither a manual transmission, no planetary gear set automatic transmission is complex, it brought from the wheel and metal to realize stepless change ratio on the Lord, the main.

The principle is the same with the common gearbox size groups of gear does not have a control in the next, the formation of different ratio, like bicycle pedal diameter wheel and chain drives the wheels to rotate at different speeds. Due to different strength of the thrust of each gear is not one, the transmission output speed changes, so do not divide class slow rotation.

CVT uses the drive belt and variable width ratchet for power transmission, namely when the ratchet wheel change groove width corresponding elbow, change the drive wheel and the driven wheel transmission contact radius of belt transmission, the transmission belt generally with the rubber belt, metal belt and the metal chain. CVT is the real stepless, it has the advantages of light weight, small size, less parts, operating efficiency compared with AT has higher, low fuel consumption.

But the disadvantage of CVT is obvious, is the drive belt is easily damaged, can not bear the heavy load, only used in the 1 liter or so low power and low torque motors, so in possession of automatic transmission rate is about 4% below. In recent years, to study the major car companies, the situation has improved. CVT will be the development direction of automatic transmission.

CVT transmission system, the traditional gear by a pair of pulleys and a steel belt replaced, each block is V structure is composed of two conical disc, engine shaft is connected through a small pulley, steel belt drive pulley. The trick in this special pulley: drive pulley structures CVT strange activity, divided into halves, can be close to or separate relative. Conical disk can be tightened or opening in the thrust hydraulic, extrusion chain steel sheet in order to regulate V groove width.

When the cone disc to the medial mobile tighten, chain steel piece in extrusion cone disc to center outside of the direction of movement (centrifugal direction), contrary to the center, power transmission.

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