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Time: 25th, Oct, 2013

Introduction of the Timing Belt

The timing belt role is played by the connecting link, connecting the upper is lower, is when the cylinder head connection is the crankshaft wheel; wheel is connected to the cam shaft is a cam on the camshaft, the point of contact, it is small rocker, rocker arm through dynamic timing belt produced pressure, up to play role play; top inlet valve is the role of let the atomized gasoline into the cylinder, top up the exhaust valve is to make the exhaust cylinder; when the camshaft Sag (Note: not raised area) when the local contact at the same time a small rocker arm, the inlet valve, exhaust valve closed, compression ratio, the distributor ignition, combustion and power generation.

In four cylinder vehicle as an example, his firing order is 1, 3, 4, 2, 1, 2, 4 or 3, we start from a cylinder;

Inlet valve, exhaust valve and a cylinder are closed to produce diesel;

The intake valve two cylinder at the point immediately shut down, the exhaust valve is closed;

Three cylinder intake valve at this time is almost completely open into gasoline, exhaust valve closing;

Four cylinder and complete combustion intake valve exhaust valve closed, fully open the exhaust.

Timing belt belongs to consumption goods, and the timing belt once broken, the camshaft will certainly not do is running, this is likely to lead to valve and piston impact caused serious damage, so the timing belt must be based on the original factory designated mileage or time to change.

The car engine working process, the intake, compression, exhaust gas explosion, four process, continue to occur in the cylinder and, each step of the opportunity to cooperate with the motion state of the piston and the position of the piston, intake and exhaust and lifting coordinate, timing belt to play a "bridge" in the engine. The role of power, will be transferred to the corresponding parts in the crank drive.

Many cars in order to guarantee the timing system is stable, the metal chain to replace the belt. Because the vehicle toothed timing belt fracture after internal valve will cause engine damage, the harm is greater, so the general manufacturers have a replacement cycle of the provisions of the timing belt.

Timing belt and belongs to the field of rubber parts, along with the increase of the working time of the engine, accessory belt and timing belt timing, such as timing belt tensioner, timing belt tensioner and pump can wear or aging.

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