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Time: 23th, Oct, 2013

The classification of Pipe joints

Hydraulic terms , is connected to the hydraulic system installed in the tubing or the tubing parts of the hydraulic element , which is a fluid passage in the connecting member can be detachably in general.

Including: welded, card sets and flared.

Connector Accessories include : nuts , card sets , flaring core , flaring sets, flare nut.

Connector Type

End through connector , straight connector , tees , elbows, with live nut joints, swivel joints , plug, transition joints , etc.

Double fittings consisting of: front snap ring after ring , nut.

Material commonly used is stainless steel and copper.

Metric and inch thread standard US-made.

NPT, PT, G are pipe thread .

NPT is the National (American) Pipe Thread abbreviation belonging to the American standard 60- degree taper pipe thread, for North America. GB/T12716-1991 national standard can be found.

PT is the abbreviation Pipe Thread is 55 degrees sealing tapered pipe thread , is a Whitworth thread family , and more for Europe and the Commonwealth countries. Commonly used in water and gas pipes industry , taper is defined as 1:16 .

G is 55 degrees non- thread sealing pipe thread , is a Whitworth thread family . Labeled G represents cylindrical thread .

Another thread of 1 / 4, 1 / 2, 1 / 8 mark is the thread diameter , in inches .

Insiders often used to refer to sub- thread size , one inch equals 8 points, 1 / 4 inch is 2 points, and so on. G is the pipe thread collectively (Guan), 55,60 degree division is functional in nature, commonly known as a round tube .

Threaded by a cylindrical surface processing.

ZG commonly known as Cone , Threaded by a conical surface machining, pipe joints in general are like this, the old standard for the Rc domestic thread external thread is R.

Metric thread pitch to that United States and Britain threads with a thread per inch represented by a number , which is the biggest difference between them.

Metric thread is 60 degrees equilateral tooth type, inch thread is isosceles 55 degrees tooth type, American thread 60 degrees.

Metric threads with metric units , metric thread with British imperial units.

Pipe thread mainly used for pipe connections , its internal and external thread closely , there are two kinds of straight pipe with the cone . The nominal diameter is the diameter of the pipe connection , apparently a large diameter than the nominal thread diameter.

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