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Time: 20th, Oct, 2013

The characteristics of Rotary joint RBI

This type of rotating joint in order to special mechanical function and design, a fixed ring closed part is made of carbon graphite, wear resistant, waterproof and dry run, closed section balance results.

Texture of material.

Sealing structure: the graphite carbon graphite silicon carbide tungsten bronze rings of gold leaching see ring PTFE

Shaft: stainless steel with high hardness

Shell: aluminum alloy

Closed: graphite and stainless steel

Packing: O ring


In this type of rotating joint, coolant for rotary can joint used especially in high speed regulation is very difficult, part of a special labyrinth assembly to prevent leakage, two closed surface by carbonation refined, guarantee period operation and anti abrasion, closed loop in the normal role to the appropriate balance even guarantee in high speed under extremely low wear.


This type of rotating joints opening / closing feature, open / closed function through the coolant through the instantaneous engaging in this period to avoid splashing leakage and high precision, while the cooling agent stops flowing through, the closed surface opened immediately to avoid friction, and this ensures long service life. It is important in a maze type to prevent leakage of circumfluence.

The two contact surfaces are made of tungsten carbide abrasion resistance and mechanical jolt, the use of stainless steel spring, not rusty, not hinder, rotation, without any change, the coolant RMB and RMF connected in different directions.


This type of rotating joint body groove, can help the heat when it is rotating at high speed. With the open / close function,

When the coolant through the opening / closing machine, contact surfaces automatically closes to prevent spill, coolant terminates when the contact surface opened immediately, avoid dry friction, ensure the long-term operation contact surface not running dry and damaged, the more important is the maze design subassembly to prevent spill.

Rotary joint RGC series products

This kind of rotating joint in deep hole processing design of simple type cutting tool, the rotary joint has speed, pressure, need only one set of device with the original equipment factory, this series of products are the cost savings, allowing users to maximize the economic benefits. Wide application range, widely used in CNC lathe, boring, milling, ordinary drilling machine and machining center machine, drilling, does not require special deep hole processing machine. The scope for the use of the mold, hydraulic industry, printing, packaging and general hardware for drilling, drilling industry etc.

Maximum working pressure: 70BAR

The maximum service temperature: 100 íŠ

Maximum speed: 8000RPM

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