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Time: 11th, Oct, 2013

Classification of the Electric machinery

Electric machinery is based on an electromagnetic device of electromagnetic induction to achieve energy conversion or transfer. In the circuit with the letter M (D with the old standard) said. Its main function is to generate the driving torque, as with a variety of electrical or mechanical power source. The generator with the letter in the circuit G. Its main role is to use mechanical energy into electrical energy, the most common is the use of heat energy, hydro energy, drive the generator rotor to generate electricity.


1.Types according to the working power supply division: divided into DC motor and AC motor. 1) DC motor according to the structure and working principle can be divided into: brushless DC motor and DC motor.

Brush DC motor can be divided into: permanent magnet DC motor and electromagnetic DC motor. Electromagnetic DC Motor Division: series wound DC motor, DC shunt motor, DC motor and the compound wound DC motor.

Division of permanent magnetic DC motor: ferrite permanent magnetic DC motor, permanent magnet DC motor and Al Ni Gu Yongci DC motor.

2)The AC motor can be divided into: single phase motor and the three-phase motor.

2.According to the structure and working principle can be divided into: can be divided into DC motor, induction motor, synchronous motor.

1)Synchronous motor can be divided into: permanent magnet synchronous motor, synchronous reluctance motor and hysteresis synchronous motor.

2)Asynchronous motor can be divided into: induction motor and AC commutator motor. Induction motor can be divided into: three-phase asynchronous motor, single-phase asynchronous motor, shaded pole asynchronous motor.

AC commutator motor can be divided into: single phase series motor, AC and DC motor and repulsion motor.

3.According to the starting and operation mode can be divided into: capacitor start single-phase asynchronous motor running capacitor, capacitor type single-phase asynchronous motor, the starting operation of single-phase asynchronous motor and phase splitting single-phase asynchronous motor.

4.According to use can be divided into: the drive motor and control motor.

1).Driving motor for electric tools can be divided into: (including drill, polishing, polishing, slotting, cutting, reaming tool) motor, electrical appliances (including washing machine, electric fan, refrigerator, air conditioner, tape recorders, video recorders, video machines, vacuum cleaners, camera, hair dryer, electric razor) with motor and other general small machinery and equipment (including a variety of small tools, small machinery, medical equipment, electronic equipment and so on) motor.

2).Motor control is also divided: step motor and servo motor etc..

5.According to the structure of the rotor can be divided into: cage induction motor (the old standard called the squirrel cage asynchronous motor) and wound rotor induction motor (the old standard called the winding asynchronous motor).

6.According to the running speed can be divided: high speed motor, low speed motor, constant speed motor, speed motor. Low speed motor can be divided into gear motor, gear motor, the electromagnetic torque motor and claw pole synchronous motor.

Variable speed motor in addition can be divided into constant speed motor, and stepless constant speed motor, a variable speed motor and stepless variable speed motor, but also can be divided into electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, DC motor, PWM frequency conversion motor and switched reluctance motor.

Synchronous speed of rotor speed of asynchronous motor is slightly lower than the rotating magnetic field.

Synchronous motor rotor speed is independent of the load while keeping the synchronous speed.

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