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Time: 14th, Oct, 2013

The main purpose of Rotary Joint

Main uses

Application of rotary joint cover almost every manufacturing industry. Such as: metallurgy, machine tool.

The power. Oil. Rubber. Plastic. Textile. Printing and dyeing. Pharmaceutical. Cigarette. Paper. Food. Feed processing.

1.Paper: paper processing equipment, such as paper machine dryer, steaming ball, coating machines, pressure ray machine etc..

2.Fiber products: textile, printing and dyeing, chemical fiber and textile industry, such as bed scouring and bleaching machine, mercerizing machine, flat washer, dryer, vacuum sizing equipment, towel ironing machine, regulator, textile printing and dyeing and drying equipment. All kinds of chemical fiber products processing equipment.

3.Rubber and plastic: rolling machine, screw extrusion machine, mixer, kneader, rotation and lamination machine, rubber drum automatic vulcanizing machine and flat vulcanizing machine, injection molding machine, mixer, foaming machine, sheet making machine, mixing machine, dryer, cloth machine, paint paper machine etc..

4.Leather artificial leather and synthetic leather processing, leather, artificial leather and synthetic leather manufacturing equipment: coating machine, the original cloth machine, washing machine, hot roller press, roller drying equipment etc..

5.Printing: rotary offset and gravure printing machine, drying equipment, mixer, stratification.

6.Chemical and pharmaceutical: cylindrical, conical and similar drum dryer, rolling test equipment, electrode ball mill, laminator, calcium carbide furnace, pressure lifting device, coal tar distillation crystallization machine drum of industrial naphthalene.

7.Food: food, food drying equipment, kneader, bleeder, rolling crushing equipment, rotary drying equipment.

8.Steel, metal and alloy products: continuous casting machine, hot plate straightening machine, wire drawing, rolling mill, high accuracy rolling equipment, extrusion machine, rolling machine, wire and tube rolling equipment, handling machinery, manufacture of cemented carbide wet mill.

9.Appliances: processing equipment of dual internal water cooling generator rotor cooling, wire and cable.

10.Dryer drying rib machine, cigarette.

11.Building materials: plastic wallpaper processing equipment, test equipment, printing machine, embossing machine, the ditch bottom printing machine, wood processing, hot pressing machine. Machine of asbestos products. Processing equipment of cork products.

12.Machinery manufacturing: hydraulic machine, hydraulic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, cooling screw press, punching and forging equipment clamping and holding device, reducing equipment, flexible hose coiling equipment, plus the turntable, grinding equipment, machine tools, vacuum equipment, boring machine, combination machine tool lubrication and cooling device.

13.The glass industry: roller type feeding machine.

14.Geology: oil or other mineral drilling rig.

In short, all with steam, water, oil, gas, air, water, ammonia and other gases and liquids used for heating, drying and cooling of the cylinder, drum, conical, spherical rotating equipment and reciprocating motion or pendulum (turn) a point of any equipment, and used for clamping, braking, hold on gas, hydraulic equipment can also be equipped with a rotary joint.

The neck with hose:

Elbow, especially metal hose situations, because the bending radius, length of stroke should be long. In the roots of rotary joint by a hose assembly, the length of the shortest can be completed, not only does not occupy a space, by using the method can also be used in the absorption of twisted tube.

Hydraulic, water piping

In the whole group of rotary joint, can also be matched with the complex action. Not easy to install the hose parts or fear of large parts of the leakage, in the condition of high temperature, high pressure harsh environmental condition can feel at ease to use. For example, in the fuel boiler ignition, as rotary joints and assembly into oil, steam piping with, even in the high temperature, high pressure, complex movements such harsh conditions, can also use no problem.

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