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Time: 9th, Oct, 2013

Reducer installation with Eight Note

Reducer installation Bo is driving remind enterprises eight installation attention the following contents:

1.The base installation, calibration should be center height, coupling shall be calibrated two axis coaxial degree; flexible coupling floating amount does not exceed the allowable range coupling, rigid coupling must ensure that the installation of the shape and position tolerances; longitudinal connection also need enough stiffness of shaft.

2.Flange mounted, shoulder (or a concave shoulder) should be with the good, to avoid dislocation. Flange mounted and connected with the hollow shaft, especially should guarantee the shape and position tolerances of connection.

3.The torque arm installation, active hollow shaft and a driven shaft should be with the good, the floating axle or equipment vibration should be less than the elastic block allows the arm should be fixed, and lock.

4.The output shaft and shaped coupling, pulley, gear, sprocket and so on, do not blow, application of output shaft of the outer end of the screw, pressed into the connecting pulley, gear, sprocket, stirring type also need to consider the radial force.

5.Hollow shaft and a solid shaft tolerance H7.H6 antirust oil.

6.Prepare the foundation rigidity or stand firm to install the drive equipment also need to consider even with the maximum load will not change the position of each part is assembled.

7.Installation of the lift, stand on the surface of the hole, the screw rod can be conveniently through, should be as small as possible.

8.Mounting bolts in general by 8.8 level, such as high temperature or vibration and so on, please call the positioning pin so as not to loose.

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