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Time: 30th, Sept, 2013

The maintenance and inspection methods of Automotive Transmission


1.Car each traveling 50,000 km, the equipment and car power connector, supporting the joint use of the equipment and transmission cooling phase. Then, the engine idle state, the automatic transmission cleaning agent added, feet slam the brakes, each of the automatic transmission by one gear change, in order to remove harmful substances, and full replacement of the device by means of automatic transmission fluid.

2.The automatic transmission in the automatic transmission protective agent is blended, add the proportion of 5%, the old cars automatic transmission, the automatic transmission is preferred to add a bottle stanch solvent to recover the transmission aging of seals to prevent leakage.

3.The effect: the film within the system can be completely discharged sediment and other automatic transmission, to avoid contamination of new ATF fluid. Automatic transmission oil seal and restore elasticity cushion, enhanced sealing performance, to prevent and suppress the leakage of the automatic transmission. ATF fluid improve performance and extend the life of the ATF and automatic transmissions.

Inspection methods

1.Check all forward gears and reverse gear. If every Guadang are grinding gears, it may be the clutch or gearbox hydraulic system itself is faulty.

2.Check whether the normal into the block. If found to be normal Guadang or gear crash, or hang it very difficult to push it back in neutral gear, etc., indicating transmission shift difficulty in holding the shift lever by hand after flameout, if it can be arbitrarily loose swing, possibly is to locate the cause of the failure. If you do not loose shifting difficulties when there is likely to be caused when shifting synchronizer failure impact. Required after such failures occur into the factory repairs.

3.If the jump back to neutral gear shift lever in motion, it may be badly worn gears and gear sets, resulting in loose bearings or axial gap is too large, the need for professionals view the gear position. If the transmission oil, there may be bad seal or gasket transmission output shaft oil seal damage. Too much or vent oil spills also cause poor.

4.If the engine idle state, the transmission is in the neutral position and the abnormal sound, the crankshaft and the gearbox may be mounted first axis coaxial with the deviation, the step may disappear when the clutch pedal. If there is abnormal sound in the rear into the block, probably mutually meshing gears work caused a crash, indicating that the transmission housing is damaged, or if there is some damage caused by the gear meshing process impact.

5.The transmission shift difficult because:

(1).Clutch is not complete, can not be completely cut off the power.

(2).Synchronizer wear off or even damaged.

(3).Shift fork loose, bent shift fork shaft bending, corrosion, difficulty in moving.

(4).Individual tooth tooth side rough.

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