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Time: 27th, Sept, 2013

Variator block jump and treatment

Variator block jump

Electric cars in a block in the running process, rapid depresses the accelerator pedal or electric car impact, the gear lever to back to neutral, sliding gear is disengaged position, so that the power transmission interruption, is a falling block. This phenomenon is often sudden changes in speed, load, or electric vehicle vibration, the general high speed off retaining majority.

Although electric vehicle Variator is provided to prevent falling self-locking device to block, but the long-term use, the formation of cone gear wear, axial force is engaged in working process, vibrating, the speed change, forcing the gear along the transmission axis off. Therefore it is possible to produce over wear out the stop failure. This is one of the more dangerous fault, such as electric vehicle overloading uphill, running if the falling block fault, electric cars can be slow, when the driver to brake, electric automobile slide, is easy to slide to the side of the road into a ditch and overturned.

Variator block jump for specific performance: the transmission gear or gear wear excessive, along the direction of tooth tapered; fork shaft groove and ball wear, and the location of the spring is too soft or broken, the self-locking device failure; the transmission shaft, bearing wear loose or axial clearance is too large, to rotate the shaft gear improperly meshed occur jumping and axial movement; operating mechanism of deformed Songkuang, the gear tooth meshing deficiency in.

Electric vehicle in running, the transmission of bearing or gear, gear sleeve serious wear loose; spline wear off even loose second axis spline and sliding gear; the second shaft and intermediate shaft locking clasp is broken or loose, causing gears and moving; electric vehicle transmission fork bending or fork end face excessive wear; the fork shaft positioning groove seat wear, guide block groove grinding Kuang, gear shift fork shaft positioning spring is too weak or broken; synchronizer locking pin loosening, apart or sliding gear sleeve length attrition is serious; the transmission housing bearing hole center line is not concentric, will cause the automatically jump back to a neutral position.

Transmission block jump process

When a gear swap file, will shift lever into the file, and then remove transmission cover, gear case. If the gear meshed well, then the fault in the gear shift mechanism. Push the jump shift fork to test its position by hand device. If the bad positioning, the need to remove the shift fork shaft, ball and spring inspection.

If the gear is not fully engaged, with hand push off gear gear or gear sets, proper meshing, should check the shift fork is bent or grind open, shifting fork fixed screws are no loose, fork end with a gear groove clearance is too large.

If the shift is good, while the gear or gear sets and completely engaged, should check whether the tapered gear, bearing is loose, transmission shaft is moved back and forth.

According to the inspection found problems, according to the standard repair, if it is necessary to change new, can completely eliminate the transmission gear disorder and falling block fault. In addition, the transmission in the work process, each bearing a variation of the action of bending moment, torsion moment, tooth part also suffer extrusion, impact and friction load, will cause the shaft damage.

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