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Time: 25th, Sept, 2013

Maintenance of Transmission Gear and Shell

Variator gear is always in changing speed, working load, gear tooth surface and impact load impact, so that the gear (especially the tooth surface damage of common injury):

1.Gear gearbox under normal operating conditions and wear,tooth surface showing uniform wear, requirements along the direction of tooth wear should not exceed the original tooth long thirty percent; tooth thickness should not exceed 0.40; the tooth surface of gear meshing area of not less than 2/3; operation of the gear meshing clearance in general should be 0.15-0.26mm, uselimit is 0.80mm; engaging gear meshing clearance should be 0.10-0.15mm, available for the 0.60mm. dial indicator or soft metalfriction measurement using limit. If more than the gap, should bereplaced in pairs.

2.Gear tooth broken tooth broken, is mainly due to the gear meshing clearance meshing parts do not meet the requirements,improper or work under shock load caused by large. If the tooth edge slightly broken is not more than 2mm, continue to use theavailable oilstone grinding; if more than the scope or more than 3tiny broken, it should be replaced in pairs.

3. A constant mesh gear face wear bevel face constant meshshould be.10-0.30mm of the axial clearance, to ensure that the gear in good operation, if the tooth abrasion, grinding can berepaired, but the grinding amount should not exceed.50mm.

4.A constant mesh gear axle neck, the needle roller bearing andseat hole wear into the gear seat hole and needle roller bearing and shaft neck three gap should be 0.01-0.08mm with, or should be replaced.

Maintenance of the transmission housing

The Variator housing is a fundamental part of the transmission assembly, to ensure the correct position of each part in the transmission, the load bearing of common injury:

1.Wear shell bearing seat hole of the bearing seat hole wear willdestroy its with the assembly of the bearing, directly affect the transmission input, the relative position of the output shafts. With the gap and hole of the bearing should be 0-0.03mm, maximumlimit is 0.10mm. or replace the shell or bearing hole insert repair.

2.To repair the oil casing thread hole, hole, connecting boltsthreaded hole damage between the oil drain plug hole screw thread damage and shell, can be taken to insert plug repair.

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