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Time: 23th, Sept, 2013

Introduction of the Static pressure screw and Ball screw drive

Static pressure screw drive

Helical drive hydrostatic oil film lubrication form thread working face. The friction coefficient of static pressure screw transmission, transmission efficiency up to 99%, no wear and creep phenomenon, no reverse idle, axial stiffness is very high, no self-locking, reversible has the transmission, but the nuts are complicated, and requires a fuel system of a stable pressure, constant temperature and high filtration requirements. Static pressure spiral is often used as a transmission screw precision machine feed and indexing mechanism. The screw with trapezoid thread high. In every thread nut diameter is provided with 3 ~ 6 evenly spaced oil cavity. The same bus on the same side of the oil cavity connected, controlled by a throttle valve.

High pressure oil pump will be refined filtered into the oil chamber, the oil through the clearance between friction surfaces again by the root in the oil return hole flow back to tank. When the screw is not subjected to loads, teeth on both sides of the gap and pressure the same. When the axial force by the left screw, screw slightly to the left, when the screw by the radial force, screw slightly downwards. When the screw under the action of bending moment, deflection screw slightly. Due to the role of the throttle, changes in the oil chamber of the hydraulic micro mobility, screw balance on a certain position, keep a certain thickness of oil film.

Ball screw drive

The screw thread rolling friction in the working face with a rolling body, also called the ball screw drive. The rolling body usually ball, useful also roller. Ball screw transmission coefficient of friction, wear, efficiency, life, anti creep performance, transmission accuracy and the axial rigidity is slightly worse than the static helical transmission, but far than sliding spiral transmission as well.

The efficiency of ball screw drive is in commonly 90% above. It is not self, reversible has the transmission; but the complex structure, high manufacturing precision, poor impact resistance. It has been widely used in machine tools, ships, aircraft and automobile demand high precision and high efficiency. Structure of ball screw drive, the ball circulation outside and inner loops.

The road outside the circle as a guide, the nut laps ball into a closed cycle. Internal circulation with inverter, a nut usually has 2 ~ 4 reverser, the nut ball are respectively connected to 2 ~ 4 closed cycle, each cycle ball movement only in this circle. The outer circular nut processing is convenient, but larger radial dimension. In order to improve the transmission accuracy and the axial rigidity, in addition to the ball and thread selection, used a variety of methods to realize the preload adjustment.

In JB/T3162-1991, the ball screw drive called the ball screw vice. This standard stipulated, ball screw for positioning the ball screw (called P) and drive the ball screw (called T). The former is the rotation angle and pitch control axial displacement of the ball screw, which is independent of the rotation angle of power transmission ball screw for.

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