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Time: 22th, Sept, 2013

Introduced of the Worm Drive

Worm drive is in the space between the two interleaved transfer movement and power of a transmission, the angle between two axes can be any value, commonly used 90 กใ. Worm drive is used in crisscross motion and power transmission shaft.

Worm drive is composed of a worm and a worm wheel worm drive parts, general. Worm and thread as a dextrorotatory and levorotatory points, respectively called worm dextral and sinistral worm. The worm is only one helix called single head worm, the worm turn for a week, a gear turbine turns, if there are two helical worm, called double worm, the worm turn a week, turbine turned two teeth.


1.Large transmission ratio, compact structure. Number of threads is denoted by Z1 (Z1=1~4), worm gear tooth number is indicated by Z2. See, the formulas of transmission ratio I=Z2/Z1 can be Z1=1, which is a single head worm worm, Z2 worm can be a turn, and thus can be large transmission ratio, generally in power transmission, the transmission ratio I=10-80; in dividing mechanism, 1000 I. Such a large transmission such as gear drive, you need to take a multistage transmission only, so the worm drive has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight.

2.Stable transmission, no noise. Because the worm gear is a continuous helical gears, worm gear tooth meshing and it is a continuous process, worm gear not to enter and exit the meshing, so smooth, shock, vibration, noise is relatively small.

3.The self-locking performance. Worm helix angle is very small, only can drive the worm gear worm, and the worm wheel can not drive the worm to rotate.

4.The worm gear transmission efficiency is low, is generally believed that the worm gear transmission efficiency is low. Especially the self-locking of worm drive, its efficiency is in 0.5 the following, the general efficiency is only 0.7 ~ 0.9.

5.Heat, tooth surface is easy to wear, high cost.

Transmission type According to the different worm shape can be divided:

1.Cylindrical worm drive.

2.Hourglass worm gearing.

3.Cone worm drive.

Brief introduction of structure

General worm gear and shaft into a whole, called the worm shaft. Structure type worm gear can be divided into 3 types.

The integral type: for bronze worm cast iron and small diameter.

The ring gear press fit: hub for cast iron or cast steel, flange of bronze.

The bolt connection type: rim and hub by reaming hole, connected by bolts, the structure and convenient assembly and disassembly.

The drive application

Worm drive is commonly used in two staggered, transmission is large, the transmission power is not too large or intermittent working occasions.

When asked to transmit greater power, in order to improve the transmission efficiency, often Z1=2 ~ 4. In addition, because when the gamma 1 is small transmission self-locking performance, it is commonly used in windlass crane, security protection. It is also widely used in machine tools, automobile, metallurgical equipment, machinery and other machinery or equipment, the reason is because the use of wheel exercise can reduce the power consumption, thus promoting.

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