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Time: 13th, Sept, 2013

The basic classification of Belt Drive

Basic classification

According to different purposes, the general industrial belt, automotive transmission belt, belt used in agricultural machinery and household appliances for drive belt. Friction type belt according to the section shape is flat belt, V belt and the special zone (multi wedge belt, round belt).

Types of transmission belt is usually based on selected species, working machine use, use environment and various characteristics etc.. If there are multiple transmission belt transmission to meet, we can according to the transmission structure compact, the cost of production and operation costs, and market supply and other factors, the comprehensive optimal scheme.

Flat belt drive working with sets in the smooth round face, borrow belt transmission and the friction wheel surfaces. Transmission type with an opening drive, cross transmission and half cross transmission, respectively, to meet the needs of the driving and driven shafts of different relative position and direction of rotation. Flat belt drive has the advantages of simple structure, but easy to slip, usually used for transmission of the transmission ratio is about 3.

Flat belt, braided belt, with strong nylon belt and high speed ring belt etc.. The tape is a flat belt with a most. It has high strength, wide range of transmission power. Woven with good flexibility, but easy to relaxation. Strong nylon with high strength, and is not easy to loose. Flat belt section size have standard specifications, can choose any length, with plywood, sutures or metal joint are connected into a ring. High speed ring with thin and soft, good flexibility, good abrasion resistance, and can be made into endless, smooth transmission, dedicated to the high speed transmission.

Triangle belt transmission

Belt on the pulley groove corresponding to the triangle belt transmission work, rely on the belt and the groove wall friction drive two. Triangle belt is usually a few root and groove, with a corresponding number of wheel. With a triangle belt transmission, with good, contact with the wheel slip is small, the transmission ratio is relatively stable, smooth operation. Triangle belt transmission center distance is short and is suitable for large transmission ratio (about 7) of the occasion, can work in vertical and inclined transmission. In addition, because the number of root and triangular belt, one failure does not cause accidents.

Belt drive

Triangle tape is a triangle with a maximum, which is composed of a ring belt endless strength layer, stretching, compression layer and layer cloth layer made of. Brute force layer is mainly used to bear tension, tension and compression layer layer stretching and compression in bending, wrap cloth layer effect is enhanced with the strength of the. Triangle tape section size and length have standard specifications. In addition, there is an adjustable triangular belt, section size of its standard and the same triangle belt, and the length is not limited, convenient installation and tensioning, local damage local replacement, but the strength and stability than triangle tape. A plurality of parallel triangular belt often use, design can be determined with models, root number and the belt wheel structure size according to transfer power and wheel speed.

Synchronous toot

This is a transmission with special. Face with the toothed belt wheel rim surface, have toothed belt and pulley corresponding, mainly by meshing transmission. The synchronous toothed belt generally use the thin steel wire rope strong layer, coated with polyvinyl chloride resin or chloroprene rubber. Brute force layer midline as belt pitch line, strip line the perimeter as nominal length. Basic parameters with the pitch of P and modulus M. Week day P equal to two adjacent teeth corresponding points along the line between the section size, modulus m=p/ pi. The synchronous toothed belt in China in modular system, its specifications with modulus * bandwidth * tooth number representation.

Compared with the ordinary belt transmission, synchronous tooth belt drive is:

1.Brute force layer made of 1 steel wire rope load deformation small, basically unchanged toothed belt pitch, with no relative sliding between the wheels, the transmission ratio is constant, accurate;

2.Toothed belt thin and light, and can be used for high speed situations, transmission line speeds of up to 40 m / s, the transmission ratio can reach 10, the transmission efficiency is up to 98%;

3.Has the advantages of compact structure, good wear resistance;

4.Because of pre pull small, carrying capacity is small; the manufacturing and installation of precision is very high, strict requirement of center distance, so the cost is higher. Synchronous tooth belt mainly for accurate drive ratio of the occasion, such as external equipment, the computer film projector, video recorder and textile machinery etc.

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