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Time: 16th, Sept, 2013

Introduced the types of Gear Drive


һ.According to the relative position and the tooth axis direction, can be divided into the following types:

1.Spur gear transmission;

2.Cylindrical helical gear drive;

3.Herringbone gear transmission;

4.Bevel gear transmission;

5.Crossed helical gear drive.

.According to the working condition of gears, can be divided into:

1.Open gear drive gear drive, gear exposed, does not guarantee good lubrication.

2.Semi open gear drives, gear oil immersion pool, with shields, but not closed.

3.CVlosed gear transmission, gear, shaft and bearings are installed in the closed box, good lubrication condition, dust is not easy to enter, the installation accuracy.

Gear has a good working conditions, is the most widely used gear.

Gear drive according to the relative position of the axes of the classification.

Gear drive according to the gear shape can be divided into cylindrical gear, bevel gear, non circular gear, rack gear and worm drive.

According to the tooth profile curve of gear tooth can be divided into the involute gear, cycloid gear and circular arc gears. The drive is composed of over two gear called gear train. According to whether the axis of gear in the gear can be divided into ordinary gear drive gear drive and planetary gear transmission, gear in the gear axis motion is called a planet gear. Gear drive according to the working conditions and can be divided into closed, open and semi open drive.

The transmission is sealed in a rigid box shell, and ensure good lubrication, called closed transmission, more use, especially gear transmission speed higher, must adopt the closed transmission. Open transmission is exposed, does not guarantee good lubrication, only for low or not an important transmission. Semi open transmission between two persons.

Stability of meshing law gear meshing process of the instantaneous transmission ratio i= driving wheel angular velocity / from the wheel angular velocity = 1/ 2= constant, the requirement to guarantee on the tooth profile. The two meshing tooth profile of E1 and E2 at any point in the K contact, K point of two tooth profile normal line N1N2, it handed over to the C point and the center line O1O2. Keep contact with two meshing process is K speed vK2 profile E1 K speed vK1 and the tooth profile on the E2 N1N2 in the normal lines of equal speed, namely vKn1=vKn2=vKn. For vertical to N1 and N2 respectively by O1 and O2 to N1N2 line.

Type show, two rounds of tooth profile must meet the following conditions: "two wheel profile in any position of the contact, the contact point of the tangent to a line of every fixed-point C -- nod "This is the circular gear tooth profile meshing basic law. To meet the law curve has a lot of, in fact also consider manufacturing, installation and carrying capacity and other aspects of the request, generally only the tooth profile involute, cycloid gear and arc several curve, most of them for the involute tooth profile. Line N1N2 is the two base internal common tangent circle, namely two tooth profile normal line of arbitrary point of contact and coincidence. Because the two round in one direction only one internal common tangent, so an arbitrary point of contact normal line through the point C, suggesting that the involute tooth profile used for in accordance with the basic law of tooth profile meshing.

In O1, O2 as the two circle of a node C painting called the pitch circle. Round circle radius of round 1, 2 of the radius of nodal circle involute gear has the following characteristics:

1.The N1N2 is a two tooth contact point trajectory, is called the line of action, it is a straight line.

2.A node C as two circle tangent TT, it and the angle alpha 'meshing line between the N1N2 called the meshing angle, it is constant.

3.The tooth surface pressure always N1N2 along the contact point of the tangent direction, so the involute gear tooth stress direction when power is transferred between invariant.

4.The transmission ratio and the two rounds of base circle radius is inversely proportional to. Gear is made, the base circle is determined, so in operation even if the center distance and the design of a little deviation, it will not affect the transmission ratio, this property is called transmission separability, its processing, assembly and repair of the gear is very useful.

5.The two tooth contact only at nodes of C between the tooth surface without sliding, while in other contacts between the tooth surface are sliding, and more distant from the node, sliding more.

6.The rack and the straight tooth profile involute gear can be meshed, so it can be used in cutting tools exhibition straight tooth profile machining, the tool is easy to manufacture, and the machining precision is high.

Coincidence degree is an important parameter affecting the gear can continuous transmission. Meshing is a driving wheel and a driven wheel gear tooth top contact, namely from the wheel addendum circle and meshing line intersection A is the start point engagement. With the round of 1 rotation, pushing the wheel rotated by 2, contact point moves along the meshing line, when the contact point to round 1 of the addendum circle and meshing line intersection E, then meshing termination, two tooth profile from the beginning, E is the end point of meshing, is the actual meshing line. If before a pair of tooth in the E point D point contact, after a couple of teeth in A point contact.

when the transmission is continuous; if the former on the tooth has been left to E, and then a pair of meshing teeth have not yet entered, when the transmission is interrupted. Considering gear manufacturing, installation error and deformation, often in practice requires e 1.1 ~ 1.4. Coincidence degree is bigger, the transmission is steady. The above is a cylindrical gear refers to the end of coincidence degree, the helical gear is longitudinal overlap.

A pair of gears can correct meshing condition is two must be equal, pressure angle equal modulus.

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