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Time: 12th, Sept, 2013

Introduce of the Spline

Splined coupling is composed of an inner spline and spline. Internal, external spline teeth are many parts, including the cylindrical surface of the spline as the internal spline, on the outer cylindrical surface of the external spline spline. Obviously, a splined coupling is developing flat key connection in number. The spline as the standard structure.

Use characteristics

Because of the structure form and different manufacturing processes, compared with the flat key connection, the spline connection has the following features in strength, and using technology: because in the shaft and hub hole directly and uniformly prepared tooth and slot more, so the union accepted an even force;

By shallow groove, the tooth root stress concentration of the smaller, shaft and hub to weaken the strength of less;

The number of teeth is more, the total contact area is large, so it can withstand greater load;

Shaft parts with the axis of the neutral, the high speed and precision machinery is very important;

A good guide, which is very important to dynamic coupling;

Method can improve the machining accuracy and grinding of the connection quality;

The manufacturing process is complicated, and sometimes require special equipment, high cost.

Applicable occasions:

Centering precision requirement is high, large transmission torque or often slip

Conventional representation of splines

In mechanical drawing, drawing splines cumbersome key tooth. In order to improve the mapping efficiency, many countries have formulated the spline drawing standard, international has also developed a ISO standard.

Provisions of Chinese national standard of mechanical drawing: for rectangle spline, the outer spline in the projection plane parallel to the axis of the view, large diameter by thick solid lines, path with a fine line drawing, and use the profile to draw a part or all of its internal spline tooth profile; in section view projection plane parallel to the axis of the large size, and the path with thick solid line drawing, and partial views draw all or part of a tooth.

The termination of the working length of spline end and tail length are made of fine line drawing. For involute spline, painting is basically the same with the rectangle spline, but need to point line draw dividing and dividing line.

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