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Time: 10th, Sept, 2013

Application of Chain Oil and instructions for use

Field of application

Textile stereotypia machine stretching machine, beverage cans production line;

Glass fiber production line supporting bearing glass products factory / kiln;

Refractory factory offset;

Paint line chain made board production line;

Baking oven, bearing and chain dryer heat treatment production line;

Drying oven or oven chain conveyor line;

Lifetime type, the initial lubricants cement factory;

Bearing of automobile factory paint line kiln car wheels;

Terms of use

Damp proof, anti fouling, clean the sealing environment preservation;

Storage temperature does not exceed 40 íŠ

Do not mix with other products, such as mixed use ed dragon is not responsible for Appropriate protection under the premise, the product has no harm to human health Please obey the operation:

1.Avoid a lot of repeated contact with the skin.

2.If contact with skin, must be treated with technical method.

3.If the stick to the clothes, change clothing immediately, and thoroughly wash the clothes.

In order to protect environment do not put oil into the water and ground

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