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Time: 9th, Sept, 2013

Description and characteristics of Chain Oil

Product description

Chain oil is a kind of industrial lubricating oil, lubricating, antirust for various chain, reduce friction, wear, can improve the transmission efficiency and prolong the service life of the chain.

Chain oil is composed of base oil and additives, according to the different base oil can be divided into:

1.Mineral oil chain oil, base oil is a mineral oil, mainly used in ordinary condition.

2.Synthetic oil chain oil is composed of base oil, synthetic oil, such as PAG, PAO and ester base oil, mainly used for high temperature work environment.

3.Bio based chain oil, mainly from plant oil and base oil renewable, because of technical development in recent years, greatly improving the performance of vegetable oil lubricating oil, and some products have reached the level of performance of synthetic oil, such as the United States Rui Anbo's bio based chain oil, these chain oil degradation and toxicity due to its characteristics, commonly used water, wetland and food processing plants and other sensitive areas.

According to different conditions are also divided into chain oil different, for example for the high temperature of the chain is in high temperature chain oil, used in food processing industry chain is food grade chain oil, used in environmentally sensitive areas is degradable chain oil, etc.


1.Abrasion resistance of super chain, reduce the adhesion and take consumption;

2.To reduce the cost, and prolong the service life of chain;

3.Extremely low volatile, less oil consumption;

4.Thermal stability, anti aging, long-term lubrication, extend business hours, reduce maintenance, reduce labor costs;

5.A few residues forming capacity: due to high temperature will not have resin, or can prevent chain normal work and the chain stop working paint pollutants, so that the product has high operational safety;

6.High compatibility with paint: paint on the coating surface will not have a negative impact, can avoid the unqualified and high processing cost.

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