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Time: 6th, Sept, 2013

Description the type of Ball Screw Shaft

Ball screw shaft is the rotary motion into linear motion, or linear motion into rotary motion of the desired product. Ball screw shaft by the screw, nut and ball composition. Its function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion, which is a further extension of the ball screw shaft and development, the importance of this development is that the bearing moves into a sliding operation from the scroll. With little friction, ball screw shaft are widely used in various industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Common cycle in two ways: the outer loop and inner loop. Balls in the cycle of the screw is sometimes referred to as the outer loop disengagement ; always kept in contact with the screw is called inner loop . Ball called a column for each closed loop , closed loop contained within each ball number is called the lead lap . Each circulating ball screw nut with two , three , four , five and so are several , and each column only lap ; outer loop 1.5 turns per column , 2.5 and 3.5 turns , such as several laps .

һ.Outer loop: the outer loop is the ball in the cycle after the end of the outer surface of the nut through the spiral groove or screw nut among intubated return to re-enter circulation . Outer loop ball screw pair returned by way of the ball circulation mainly cover type, tube and spiral trough .

Common external circulation method (a) cover formula ; (b) tube type ; (c) the spiral slot as 2-3 (a) shows the end cap type, the nut on the processing of a longitudinal bore , a ball return channel , nuts at both ends of the ball on the opening cover backhaul mouth, balls will enter return pipe, form a cycle.

Tube type, it is used as a return duct elbow , this structure technology is good , but due to the pipeline projecting nut body, the larger radial dimension .

Spiral slot , which is milled on the nut outer spiral groove , the groove ends of the through hole drilled with the tangent screw raceway , the return channel is formed , which structure than the radial dimension of the small tube structure , but manufacture more complex . Outside the outer loop recirculating ball screws structure and manufacturing process is simple, widely used. The disadvantage is difficult to do raceway smooth seams , affecting the smooth ball rolling .

.Inner circle: the inner loop is shown in Figure 2-4 ball . Circulating balls are made of reverse loop is implemented , there are two types of inverter .

Cylindrical projections key reverser embedded nut its cylindrical portion , the end part on a reverse Slot 2. Reverse cylindrical outer surface and the groove by the upper end of a round key positioning to ensure alignment of thread rolling direction .

Oval inserts inverter , inverter for the general round flat key insert , the cutting insert embedded nut slot , the end part on a reverse channel 3, with the outer contour of insert positioning . Compares two kinds of reverse , which is small in size , thereby reducing the radial dimension of the nut and shorten the axial size . However, this type of inverter and the nut on the outer contour of the notch size with high precision .

Category Selection

Ball screw nut:According to the cycle of the ball can be divided into : Bending type, circulator type , cover type . Features of these three round-robin fashion .

Elbow -type (SBN, BNF, BNT, BNFN, BIF and BTK -type ) .

Circulating guide vane (HBN type )

These models are the most typical nut , let the ball through the use of bends through the line cycle. Ball screw shaft in a trench from scooping into the pipe , and then returned to the trench , infinite motion .

Circulator type

(DK, DKN, DIK, JPF and DIR -type )

These models are the smallest nut ball through the circulator to change the direction of travel , crossed the outer diameter of screw shaft back into place , infinite motion .

End Cap (SBK, SDA, SBKH, WHF, BLK, WGF, BLW, WTF, CNF and Model BLR )

These models are the most suitable for high-speed feed nut . Ball use cover, screw shaft from the groove to be picked up through holes in the nut through the hole back trench infinite motion .

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