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Time: 5th, Sept, 2013

The Characteristics and installation attention point of Gear Coupling

Gear coupling is determined by the same number of teeth and the ring gear with external teeth flange coupling halves and other parts. Straight teeth and the outer teeth into two kinds of drum gear tooth, called the outer drum gear teeth is made of spherical, spherical center axis of the gear, the gear backlash than the average large drum gear coupling can permits a larger angular displacement (relative to the straight-tooth coupling) to improve tooth contact conditions, and improve the transmission torque capacity and prolong life. Gear coupling at work, the two axes relative displacement, internal and external gear tooth surface periodically for axial sliding, will inevitably lead to tooth wear and power loss, so the gear coupling need good lubrication and sealing mode of operation.


Gear coupling small radial size, load capacity, long working conditions for low-speed heavy shaft drive, precision and by balancing the gear coupling can be used for high-speed transmission, such as dyeing turbine shaft Train Drive. As drum gear coupling angular compensation than straight teeth coupling, at home and abroad are widely used drum gear coupling, gear coupling belonging straight out of the product, should try not to use Optional.

Gear coupling repair methods Gear coupling there are hundreds of varieties of different kinds, but the basic form is two kinds:

1.The inner and outer gear tooth combination type;

2.Face gear combined type. Other forms are based on the deformation of the two. Internal gear teeth of the outer teeth combines style clutch transmission torque is relatively large, designed to take into account the different needs of users, intentionally designed to be the length of the teeth on both sides of the shaft is inconsistent, so that the user can select the mounting direction. Therefore, there is no provision which side toward where.

Installation should pay attention:

If it is replaced on the original device, it is generally in the same direction to the original, if the design and manufacture of the new device, then to have no interference with other neighboring parts of the premise, according to the internal and external surface of the tooth with more The more reliable the principle installation.

Gear Couplings general overhaul carried out by the following methods:

1.Check the coupling tooth meshing, the contact area along the tooth height not less than 50%, along the tooth width is not less than 70%, the tooth surface may have serious pitting, wear and cracks;

2.The outer ring gear couplings full circle runout is less than 0.03mm, face runout less than 0.02mm;

3.If required to remove the ring, you must use special tools, can not be beat, so as not to bend or damage the shaft. When back loaded, should ring gear is heated to about 200 íŠ and then loaded onto the spindle. Ring gear and shaft interference amount is generally 0.01 ~ 0.03mm;

4.Back mounted indirectly tube or other parts should be original tags and data assembly;

5.With a torque wrench to tighten the bolts evenly.

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