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Time: 4th, Sep, 2013

The principle and application of Planetary Gear

In addition to the planetary gear shaft gear such as fixed rotation around its own axis (BB) rotation , the axis of rotation of them also with the blue bracket ( called the carrier ) around the axis of the other gear (AA) rotation. Rotate around its own axis called " rotation " , around the axis of rotation of the other gear known as the " revolution " , as planets in the solar system , as its name.


Axis fixed gear principle is very simple, in a pair of mutually meshing gears , there is a gear as a wheel, power input from it , another gear as a driven wheel , power from its output. And some gear only as a transit point , while meshing with the driving wheel , the other side engages with the driven wheel , power passed from it , this is called the idler gear.

Planetary gear containing systems, the situation is different . Because of the planet carrier , that is, the rotating shaft can be allowed to have three power input / output can also be used like the clutch or brake means, in the time limit required one of the rotation of the shaft , and the remaining two axis drive, As a result, the gear meshing with each other between a variety of combinations can be :

Common type of planetary gear drive and performance

Power from the sun wheel input , the output from the outer ring gear , planet carrier through institutional deadlock ;

Power from the sun wheel input , the output from the carrier , the outer ring gear lock ;

Power from the planet carrier input , output from the sun gear , ring gear lock ;

Power from the planet carrier input , output from the outer ring , the sun wheel lock ;

Power input from the outside ring gear , planet carrier output from the sun wheel lock ;

Power from the outer ring gear input , output from the sun gear , planet carrier locked ;

Two dynamics respectively, from the input sun gear and the outer ring , the synthesized output from the carrier ;

Two dynamics respectively, from the planet carrier and the sun gear input , output synthesized from the outer ring ;

Respectively, from the two dynamics and the outer ring gear carrier input , synthesized from the sun gear output ;

Power from the sun wheel input , two routes from the outer ring gear and the planet carrier output ;

Power from the planet carrier input , two routes from the sun gear and the outer ring gear output ;

Power input ring gear , two routes from the sun gear and the planet carrier output.

We know that the car engine is only one, and there are four wheels . Such as engine speed torque characteristics and needs of very different roads . Should appropriately distribute the engine power to the drive wheel , you can use the properties of the planetary gears . Such as automatic transmissions , which also features the planetary gears , clutches and brakes by changing the relative movement between the respective members and to obtain different gear ratio.


Planetary gear train in a variety of machinery to get a wide range of applications .

1.Achieve a large reduction gear transmission ratio

Shown on the right planetary gear train , if the number of teeth of each of the wheels were z1 = 100, z2 = 101, z2 '= 100, z3 = 99, the input member to the output member 1 H ratio = 10000. Visible, obtained according to a large planetary gear transmission ratio .

2.To achieve a compact high-power transmission

Several planetary gear train may be used at the same time uniform distribution of the planetary wheel motion and power transmission . These planetary gear because of the public turned to centrifugal force generated between the tooth profile and the radial component of the reaction can be balanced , so the spindle force is small, passing power . In addition, as it uses the ring gear , full use of the transmission space , and the input and output shafts in a straight line , so the dimensions of the space train wheel under the same conditions than ordinary smaller gear fixed axis . The wheel system is particularly suitable for aircraft .

3 .Achieve motion synthesis

The synthesis of movement of the two input motion into one output motion . Differential gear train of freedom equal to 2 , when given any two members to determine movement , another member of the movement can be determined. Use this characteristic differential gear train movement can be achieved synthesis.

The easiest sport synthetic gear train as shown ,

H is the rotation speed of the carrier wheel 1 and the wheel speed of the synthesis of 3 . So this train can be used as additive agency. When the planet carrier H, sun gear 1 or 3 of the original moving parts , the gear train and used as a subtraction agency.

Differential gear train movement can be synthesized this feature is widely used in machine tools, institutions and compensation calculated adjusting device .

4 . Achieve motion decomposition

Differential gear train can also be a prime mover rotating member driven decomposed into two basic components of different rotation. Shown on the left rear axle differential schematic diagram components fixed axis gear train composed of 5,4 , 4 solid wheels attached to the planet carrier H, H is equipped with a planetary gear 2 and 2 ' . Gears 1,2,2 ', 3 and composition of a planet carrier H differential gear train , which can be passed to the engine gear 5 breaks down the movement of the sun wheel 1,3 different sports .

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