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Time: 28th, Aug, 2013

Introduction of Resilient Shaft Coupling

Resilient Shaft Coupling usually made of metal rod wire cut from the commonly used materials are aluminum, stainless steel, plastic. Resilient Shaft Coupling using a parallel or spiral grooving system to adapt to a variety of bias and precision torque transmission. Resilient Shaft Coupling usually have good performance and have the price advantage, in many stepper, servo systems practical applications, flexible coupling is the preferred product. One-piece design allows flexible coupling to achieve a zero clearance to pass torque and no maintenance advantages. Flexible coupling mainly in the following two basic series: spiral groove and parallel groove.


1.One-piece metallic elastic body;
2.Zero Backlash, can be synchronized operation;
3.Flexible role in compensating radial, angular and axial deviation;
4.High torsional stiffness and excellent sensitivity;
5.Clockwise and anticlockwise rotational characteristics;
6.Maintenance-free, oil-resistant and corrosion resistance;
7.Of aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials available;
8.The main methods of fixing the top wire and clamping two kinds.

Spiral Groove

Resilient Shaft Coupling with a spiral groove continuous multi-turn long grooving, this coupling has very good flexibility and very small bearing loads. It can withstand various types of aberrations, the most suitable angle and to correct axial misalignment, but the handling of relatively poor ability eccentric, because while the screw groove in two different directions bent, will produce a lot of internal pressure, thereby leading to premature failure of the coupling. Despite the long spiral groove coupling can withstand the deviations be easily bent, but in the case of the load torque of the rigidity of the coupling have the same effect. Torque load too much backlash will affect the accuracy of the coupling and impair its overall performance.

Spiral Groove flexible coupling is a more economical choice, best suited for low-torque applications, especially in connection encoder and other lighter instrument.

Parallel Groove couplings usually have 3-5 slots, in order to cope with low torsional stiffness problem. Parallel to the groove does not compromise taking into account the ability to withstand the case of correcting deviations that shorter slots, grooves may be cut short to enhance the rigidity of the coupling torque and overlapped together, so that it can withstand considerable torque. This performance makes it suitable for light duty applications. For example, the servo motor and ball screw joints. However, this performance over the slot size increases, the bearing load will increase, but in most cases, can be enough to effectively protect the bearings. Increased size means increased ability to withstand the eccentric.


Most of the flexible coupling are made of aluminum alloy material, and some manufacturers also offer the production of stainless steel flexible coupling. Apart from corrosion-resistant stainless steel flexible coupling, but also increases the torque capacity and rigidity, can even reach twice the aluminum alloy similar products. However, this increase in torque and stiffness to some extent by the increased mass and inertia of the offset. Sometimes the negative impact will be more than its advantages, so that the user had to find other forms of coupling.

Sleeve coupling sleeve is the use of the public, and through the key, spline or taper pins and other rigid couplings, in order to achieve the two-axis joint. Sleeve coupling of simple structure, convenient, low cost, small radial size, but the mounting is not convenient, the need for axial movement of the shaft. Short for low-speed, light-load, no shock loads, work on balance and shaft coupling. Generally does not exceed the maximum operating speed is 250r/min. Sleeve coupling does not have the axial, radial and angular compensation performance.

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